How To Write And Design An Article That Attracts New Customers To Your Business

For some people not very involved in content marketing it can be difficult to visualize how with the writing of an article for a corporate blog or a personal blog, you can persuade and attract new customers for a business.

The truth is that you can, before you start to analyze some keys to be able to do it, you have to pay attention to two important previous concepts:

1- These types of articles are not only written but also designed; the visual part is going to be crucial so that a new potential customer can pass through the sales cycle / funnel.

2- If we pay much attention to this type of practices we will be well aligned with the latest trends in digital marketing:

– Google increasingly attaches more and more importance to content after its latest update of its search algorithm, you can check it in the article: “The most important pre-notions for search engine positioning”

– You’ll get more engagement with the new batch of digital consumers: “What is a prosumer? Why is it important to be so that your business thrives?

Our mission for this type of article is that your potential client goes through this funnel since he realizes that he has a need to generate a sale (it is very interesting to see what was previously considered marketing and how it has changed now).

How To Write And Design An Article That Attracts New Customers To Your BusinessContent marketing funnel

How To Write And Design An Item That Attracts New Clients To Your Business

The keys are as follows:

1- Carefully locate the issue by finding the meeting point between what your product or service meets and what your potential customers are looking for on the internet: here you have an essential task because you can find totally ineffective situations:

– Write about a topic related to your product that no one searches the net

– Write about something that people are looking for but it is difficult to relate it to your product. If the nexus does not look natural, users will not make this leap for you

How To Write And Design An Article That Attracts New Customers To Your Business2- Lay out the article very well: the article should be attractive at first sight and easy to navigate in it. For this I recommend the following:

– Introduce images and videos to be able to be

– Short paragraphs, enter dashes and bold for the user to scan easier

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3- Take time to find a memorable title: this I know is difficult but you have to try to comply with all this: generate interest, short, with a clear message and that is in line with what is sought on the network and with what solves your product or service.

How To Write And Design An Article That Attracts New Customers To Your Business4- Eye with the first part of the article: we all know that your final intention is to be able to capture customers but if you are very direct it is simply going to be a more advertising item and the users will leave in advance. Focus on the need of the user that is why you visit your text, if you do not do so you will disappoint and will not trust you again. Once resolved there is your opportunity to present the part that interests you.

5 – Carefully positioning for search engines (SEO): believe me if I say that the best thing that can happen is that your article comes first in Google when users seek to solve a specific issue. That’s an open tap for your website. To do this use the keywords in a sensible way, make the url friendly, use tags and get some relevant links that point to your publication.

 How To Write And Design An Article That Attracts New Customers To Your Business6- Do not distract the user!: Try to be careful not to introduce links to other web pages, if you put references, photos or videos that remain all within your web page.

7- Link the end of the article well with a call to action: when you have provided the information you needed the user looks for a way to call the action to register in your database or send you to a sales page. It is more effective if you use some incentive like a gift (ebook, coupon  …) or discount for new customers.

Once you have this article built you just have to promote it to see the impact it has on the user and measure it correctly if it manages to connect with potential customers optimally.

Do you think that today’s content marketing is a good investment for your marketing plan?

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