Humidity in the Home: Signs and Solutions

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We all like to be cosy in the winter, and once those cold winds start blowing, it’s time to turn up the central heating, put the gas fire on and enjoy the warmth.

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Unfortunately, as humans turn up the temperature and keep producing water vapour as they breathe, cook and run showers, plenty of nasty things also start to enjoy the lovely warm moist atmosphere. Moulds, toxins and allergens all love humid conditions.

Multiple Sources of Damp Create Humidity

Rain and damp may be entering through leaks or gaps. You can have leaking pipes or rising damp that is coming up from a concrete or wooden floors, sometimes because of a damp-proof course that is no longer working. And all those homely activities, such as boiling a kettle for a nice cup of tea or taking a warming bath, are all adding to the moisture level inside the house.

Many people are unable to dry washing outside during the winter and therefore either run a tumble dryer, which produces lots of warm moist air as it dries clothes, or have clothes on top of radiators or hanging on airers. Where does all the moisture go as items dry? Into the air you are breathing, of course.

Add to this the condensation running down glass windows if you don’t have double glazing, or even if you do but the seals have failed. Faulty or missing seals on window frames or doors can allow damp into the house. You can take advantage of expert advice on double glazing in Leicester from, so don’t put up with these damp conditions because they can seriously affect your health.

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What to Do About Humidity in the House

In fact, the NHS offers very good advice on getting rid of mould and compensation, because it is aware of the respiratory and other problems that are caused by humid homes.

If you have good new double glazing, your house will be much warmer and you will not be so reluctant to open windows for brief periods to air the house. It will heat up much more quickly afterwards. Make sure that you are using kitchen and bathroom extraction fans correctly. Leave doors open if possible to spread air evenly through the house. And finally, think about buying a dehumidifier or fan.

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