An Introduction to Multi-Layer Wood Flooring

Multi-layer wood flooring is created by layering multiple sheets of wood to create a particularly robust and durable floor. The method results in a product that has the authentic attractiveness of a solid wood floor and the fundamental strength, economy and ease of care of laminate flooring.

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What Is Multi-Layer Flooring?

In a multi-layer wood floor, the surface layer is natural wood and the finished product looks like a genuine wood floor. This could be any wood the homeowner prefers, such as oak, walnut, ash or pine. The texture, warmth and look are all exactly the same.

The layers beneath the top layer are wood composite. These layers are bonded together and treated with a durable seal that makes them as strong, and sometimes stronger, than solid wood. So although the natural wood component here is thinner than solid wood engineered flooring, it is just as strong.

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Why Choose Multi-Layer Flooring?

Multi-layer combines the best aspects of solid wood and laminate. Once in, it looks and feels the same as a real wood floor but can be fitted just like laminate by companies such as However, the quality is obviously higher than laminate, and if a multi-layer wood floor gets scratched it can be restored in just the same way as wood.

It’s this ease of use that attracts most homeowners to multi-layer solutions. It takes less than a day to go in and once it’s in is very low maintenance.

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