Keep Calm and Get Married

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Weddings can be incredibly stressful. Trying to organise a venue, food and a whole list of guests who may or may not get along. If you want to avoid a marriage melt-down on your special day then follow the advice of former brides and wedding professionals with these top tips:

One Location

Consider having your ceremony and reception in one location, that also offers hotel accommodation for guests who need to travel. You will save money booking everything in one place, reduce travel costs and rid yourself of the stress of transport logistics. Having everyone in one location for the whole day means there is much less for you to worry about. It’s easier for the photographer too! For a Bournemouth Wedding Photographer, visit

Attend Bridal Shows & Events

As soon as you get engaged, start preparing by gathering ideas and money-saving tips by attending bridal shows and expos whenever you can. You’ll discover unique ideas, new products and you get the chance to enter free competitions where you could win your wedding package or even a dress. Create an email address just for wedding-related info and be liberal with handing it out at wedding shows.

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Book Multiple Services with One Company

You can potentially secure a much greater discount if you book more than one service with a business. For example, if your florist offers invitations, lighting or balloon decorations then it makes sense financially and from a stress-reduction point of view to get a good deal from one seller. These services will cost more if you book each service with a different supplier. Plus, keeping track of it all could become a headache you don’t need.

Get Flowery

Did you know that some of the most popular wedding flowers have other flowers that are very similar in appearance but are much cheaper? Unless you’re an expert, people will never be able to tell the difference and you’ll get great looking flowers for a fraction of the price and they could be available all year round. Save yourself some money to spend on the honeymoon instead.

Use Samples

Instead of explaining what you want to suppliers, show them what you want. Don’t leave anything to interpretation as there are hundreds of different shades of certain colours. Avoid stress and disappointment by carrying colour swatches that you can hand out so everyone is on the same page.

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Keep the Day Clear

Many brides try to do too much before the ceremony like manicures, bikini wax, massage and brunch but do as much of this the day before as you can. Hair and make-up should be the only things that need doing on the actual morning to keep your stress levels to a minimum. Trying to do too much will mean you won’t have the time to take in every special moment.

Hire a Planner

If you’ve got room in your budget then why not consider hiring someone to take all the stress away. If you can’t afford a planner before the wedding, there are options to hire people to help co-ordinate on the day itself. After all, you should be a guest at your wedding and not part of the staff.

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