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Lakento MVR


MVR ? In today’s article, I will talk about one of the devices that are increasingly fashionable, virtual reality glasses, especially the Lakento MVR, given by them to make the review and you can see more in depth what is this about virtual reality and 3D? Víctor Ruiz, who was one of the founders of the Spanish company Dinamic Software created in 1983 for the production and distribution of video games, has created this device in which simply using our smartphone, we can get to see a 3D movie or play virtual reality games.

Unboxing of the Lakento MVR

The Lakento MVR box is a complete box in every way. Let’s look where we look, the box of these virtual reality glasses gives us information of everything we can find inside and what we can do with them at the programming level, showing us in one of its sides a couple of applications that we can use with them, to the type of lenses that mount or the screen size that we can achieve when watching a movie ( a screen of 300 ” ).

Box contents:

  • Lakento MVR glasses.
  • Templates for different sizes of smartphones.
  • 4 adhesive corner posts.
  • Gizlogic-Lakento-MVR-unpacked
  • Unpack the Lakento MVR on the table.
  • In case the images do not suffice, I’ll leave you with a video of the contents of the Lakento MVR box.
  • And now, let’s continue with the review Lakento MVR although first…

Lakento MVRWhat are virtual reality glasses and how do Lakento MVR work?

On the subject of virtual reality and 3D there is still not much development, but it is clear that little by little that is changing, since with the arrival of HMD 3D glasses (Head Mounted Display) like the Lakento MVR of which we speak today, almost everyone will have the option to enter this world of virtual reality without needing to buy some Oculus Rift that are much more expensive.

Unlike the Oculus Rift that mounts on the device itself screen, circuitry etc, the Lakento MVR uses all the components that our smartphone can give us. In this way to better smartphone better image quality we will have in our viewing of movies or 3D games.

The operation is relatively simple and most virtual reality glasses HMD use the same concept, which is none other than to introduce the smartphone inside and through two lenses that can be regulated in most cases, to watch split videos in two halves or videos called SBS (Side by side) that transform the image that each eye sees into one creating the 3d effect we are looking for.

At the time of playing games and to have a feeling of complete immersion, the virtues of our smartphone will come into play, using the gyroscope for example to be able to look from one side to the other or up and down. In another article we did, we talked about the smartphone Vkworld Discovery S1 which offered us the option of enjoying 3D by simply viewing your screen. What would happen if we used that mobile phone with the virtual reality glasses we talked about today? If someone tries to tell us hehehe! And now if…

Lakento MVRPhysical description and first steps of the Lakento MVR

The Lakento MVR, are virtual reality glasses built in different materials that combine design and comfort. The part in which we will support the glasses on our face, is made of foam rubber , with enough distance to wear them even wearing glasses to correct some optical deficiency , unlike other models that exist in the market that do not allow this option. Its fastening to the head is done by elastic belcro tapes.

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Lakento MVR seen from a low angle

Before starting to use the Lakento MVR, we must scan the QR code that comes with the guide that accompanies the contents of the box, which will send us to a page where we can register by entering the code that comes on the cover (which I’ve already used) and will tell us what we should do to properly use these virtual glasses.

Guide and instructions of the Lakento MVR

Inside the box come three templates with which we can adjust any type of smartphone or tablet , as long as your screen is between 4 “and 6.4” . To be able to adjust them properly, we will have to place our smartphone in its correct position and paste some corners, so that next time we can position our phone in its proper place without having to be relocating it. In the next image, you can see the smaller template without the corner posts, and the largest with them already attached.

Lakento MVRTemplates before and after hitting the corners

Here you can see my smartphone already placed in its position on the template properly aligned with the corners that by the way are foam rubber and are self-adhesive.

Samsung Note 3 placed in the template, and the template in the Lakento MVR

Once we open his forehead (cover) translucent with the screen printing “Lakento MVR Mobile VR Glasses”, we will see the large gap that there is, in which we will fit the template corresponding to the model of smartphone or tablet that we have chosen. In it the inside of the lid we can see a small rubber pad that will make the phone we put has no slack and is well fixed.

Lakento MVR open showing his lenses and fastening block

On the lenses that mount the Lakento MVR virtual reality glasses, to say that they are concave lenses of 42 mm convex for a less deformation of the image and perfect visualization. In the following image, you can see in detail the lenses and the lateral path that can develop part of the protector (also foam rubber) for the nasal septum.

Detail of the convex concave lenses of the Lakento MVR

In the upper part we will find two very important parts of the device; IPD regulators and control buttons .The IPD (interpupillary distance) regulators regulate the distance between pupils to be able to adjust the viewing to any type of eye, more separated or more together as desired. In this way and “playing” with the two lenses, we will arrive at the optimal positioning in which the two images converge and only one is made. Its operation is as simple as moving the two black pins that you see in the following image.

Lakento MVRButtons and regulators of the Lakento MVR lenses

The Lakento MVR, bring two buttons specially designed to interact with games and apps (they do not work in all cases) which when pressed, we make some metal rods and with some rubber at the tips, make contact with the screen of our smartphone. In this way we can interact with our phone without the need to remove it from its location, as it happens in many other glasses of lower quality.

I leave you a video showing the mechanical activation of the buttons of the Lakento MVR.

Gifts when buying the Lakento MVR

When we acquired the Lakento MVR, they will give us a couple of games that upon registering on the official website through the code that comes with them, will unlock the game completely once we enter an email already confirmed. One of the games is the Sharks Vr , which tries to be a diver and can do a photographic safari or shoot harpoons to sharks and get to survive.

Gift VR Sharks with the Lakento MVR

And the other game is the House of Terror Vr , which introduces us into a dark and gloomy house where we will have to investigate the lantern by dodging attacks of all kinds of monsters.

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House of terror Vr, second game of gift when buying the Lakento MVR

A detail by Lakento MVR, the gift of a couple of complete games when you buy your product. Speaking of games, in its official website we will have the possibility of being game developers, to create a game to hang it in the Playstore or in the Appstore since they will put at our disposal all the information that we need for such task.

Reflections and availability of the Lakento MVR

The Lakento MVR can be found at a price of 49 euros , and at a similar price on eBay with the option to also get one of these two games for PC; Drakensang Antology or Cities XL of the FX company, although in Amazon, through this link we find them at a scandalous price (without templates).

The following video that I leave below, is a report that aired on Rtve in the program “A la carta” where you can see from the minute 13.00 the workshop where the project Víctor Ruiz and his uncle Julio Tejedor and how they were perfecting the current model of the Lakento MVR.

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