Markets in panic mode accelerate financial turmoil to global stagnation


Markets are convulsed with the geopolitical game in the Middle East and the weakness of the global economy. While the price of oil continues to decline and relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran reach a boiling point, North Korea launches a new nuclear bomb that installed the planet at a point of hatching. Apparently, it was not enough with a long crisis of seven years has left millions in unemployment but seeks more: finish and obliterate the entire planet.

The markets are in freefall realizing that all the fanfare of central banks was a mere sham to mask the imminent collapse. The world cannot continue as is and needs a change. However, each change administered by the financial dome is worse and so show the results: global unemployment increases and stagnation generalizes. While the World Bank says the economy will grow 2.7 percent in 2016, it seems a bitter joke when the global slowdown is at hand.


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The crisis of Saudi Arabia and Iran have been the new condiment for speculators. Now the key premise is when the third world war will break out, although it is in full swing with the deadly currency war where all countries, from China to the United States, seeking devalue their currencies to avoid losing market share. Oil continues to fall and is already installed in the $ 30 a barrel spraying the oil cartel OPEC.

It is clear that falls are unsustainable since oil at $ 30 bankruptcy involves producing countries. But financial casinos are betting on an even lower value but this voltage can be reversed dramatically to the point of smothering the global economy. The turning point can succumb to whole countries and punish them with the drama of the debt, the only thing that has grown and consolidated since the crisis began in 2008.

Afternoon have realized that central banks prolonged period of low interest rates has only incubated debt of the poorest. As this trend takes hold we will have a future debt enslaved. Is the new feudalism Karl Marx did not foresee when he supposed that society would evolve into an industrial capitalism. The world really has regressed and returned to slavery feudalism embodied in the new financial capitalism.

If so far had considered China as the epicenter of the next financial crisis, the war of power in the Middle East threatens to be the new focus of a crisis that deepens day by day and not stop. The global recession is inevitable with China, Japan, Europe and the United States open deterioration and emerging countries in decline, as is the case of Brazil. Stock market falls today, yesterday and tomorrow we announce that a new recession is underway. For more Stock market news visit

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