Mercedes CLS, Audi A7, Aston Martin Rapide and JAGUAR XJ

Mercedes CLS Audi A7 Aston Martin Rapide and JAGUAR XJ

Elegance is the form and chic, manners. This is a mythical phrase of the designer and guru of good taste Pierre Cardin. And well thought out, I should have written a book of good manners for design departments long ago, since they are words that sound like Chinese to more than one. Christmas trees on wheels, impossible forms … The good news has been made of begging, but, finally, it has arrived: the classic image is again a trend. Disappeared in combat since time immemorial, the classic style come back of its ashes in the departments of design. It does it with new sap: fresh, modern and seductive. This revival is evident in these models, sedans with coupe appearance and a gift for the eye.

Mercedes CLS Audi A7 Aston Martin Rapide and JAGUAR XJTest passed. The new CLS is thin and, at the same time, distills power on all four sides. It does it with great elegance and a hint of retro style. The lines of his side bring to mind the Ponton models of the 50 and, already, also a little to the imperishable 300 SL. There is only one but: just like his predecessor, he will not like everyone. More than one would take it and take it to give him an ironing (it is full of edges). It is not a faultless beauty, but we will get used to it quickly.Mercedes CLS Audi A7 Aston Martin Rapide and JAGUAR XJ

The interior, on the other hand, clearly bets on classic elegance. Behind its side walls is an intimate atmosphere that dresses with its finest finery: wood dashboard, leather … They are the attributes of a lifestyles high, without great ostentations, but leaving aside the serious style of the previous models. Do the forms correspond to the sensations? Yes and also with note. The power of the V6 fulfills what promises the forms, while the steering and the front train act nerve but delicately: the CLS 350 CDI is an engineering work that knows what it wants.

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A mere question of opinion, I would say in Mercedes Wagener, the colleague of Sielaff. The A7 is the ideal counterpart of the CLS. Simple lines in front of a festival of curves, light surfaces instead of overloaded. This is where the A7’s visual pleasure lies in its purity and proportions. Crouched under a saloon silhouette, the details shine with their own light: the side edges are oriented upwards and give the impression that the overhangs are smaller. The body looks attractive from the first glance: this Audi embodies the beauty of discretion.Mercedes CLS Audi A7 Aston Martin Rapide and JAGUAR XJ

What is your biggest draw? It’s not a simple saloon coupe. Behind me awaits a huge tailgate that highlights the priority Audi gives to the utility of their cars. The occupants of the rear seats have much more space than in the CLS and the access is simple.

In addition, I enjoy the power of 3.0 TFSI sweetened by adaptive suspensions: the combination is smooth and creamy; Very achieved although it does not have the same feeling as the CLS. The A7 stands out for its discreet elegance … Also behind the wheel.

Aston Martin Rapide: supercar and more

What a truth. Is this the most beautiful of all four doors? In any case, it is the most sportive. A pure blood, far from the strokes of any saloon. Muscular, but very discreet: no ailerons or horteradas. It’s just exotic, pretty … and also three times more expensive than any of the models present in this week’s comparative.

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That it is a coupe is something that your occupants appreciate just entering. To access your back with dignity you almost have to be a gymnast. Of course, when you are inside you are waiting for the most select of sardine cans. “Whoever seeks only the usefulness of things will never discover its beauty,” the poet (and owner of a Jaguar) bequeathed to posterity Laxness. This is something that perhaps Aston Martin should consider for the tiny screens behind the backrests of the front seats. At the wheel do not notice that you are driving a saloon. Its V12 roars as always and takes the corners as if it were in any circuit playing the victory. And in the end it leaves the driver the sweetest of smiles.

Mercedes CLS Audi A7 Aston Martin Rapide and JAGUAR XJLess is more, comes to say the slogan of Callum. No details superfluous, all the effort is concentrated in its silhouette. The suit must be tight: no wrinkle left. That is precisely what makes the new XJ a most exciting car: it denies Jaguar’s classic guidelines and ventures into unspoiled land of design … and does it successfully. The luxury sedan moves with the air of exotic beauty: you have to get used to it, but it is spectacular. Even the long version compresses the roof lines as if it were a coupé: its waist and glass ceiling underscore this impression. Inside, the same: less (or nothing) is more. Modern luxury that is fashionable is cool. Riding diesel does not ruin your caring appearance. It moves with the power and stealth of a feline; only a few shivers go into it. It is something that does not end up marrying the presence of his movements.

Mercedes CLS Audi A7 Aston Martin Rapide and JAGUAR XJCONCLUSION

I want more, please. In a time of ‘big’ cars, giant barges and elaborate designs, these four-door coups look like the so-called ‘zen style’ in its purest form. I come to the soul that has rediscovered the beauty and the dynamic elegance without excessive flourishes. It is a pleasure for the eyes and, in addition, they are completely practical and apt for the day to day. To put it bluntly: a performance saloon does not have to be a big mole. I love that this is now true again and also that it is in four ways so different.

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