Myths Of Real Estate Investment

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5 Myths Of Real Estate Investment

Something very attractive when investing in real estate is that it is very easy to leverage to acquire them, banks and other lending institutions are willing to lend you money to buy real estate, do not lend money to invest in the stock market but Root Well is considered a Low risk investment and it is very easy that you can get a leverage from 5 to 1 where you put 20% of the price as a down payment and the bank lends you the rest, up to 20 to 1 where you only put 5% of the value of the property and the Bank lends you the remaining 95%, meaning you can buy a house of 1 Million pesos with $ 50 thousand pesos of hitch and $ 50 thousand pesos is not a large amount compared to the total amount of investment.

There is a lot of truth in the sentence that says that if the project is good money will come alone, if your bank references are not good, you can always access a self-financing or even seek to carry out a private investment or co-investment, in this case be sure to go To a trustworthy real estate professional who can advise you to get the financing or to co-invest with someone who dedicates in a professional way to it; Remember, there are always investors on the hunt for good opportunities, if you can become a supplier of those good opportunities you will be very close to getting the capital you need to carry out your projects.

5 Myths Of Real Estate InvestmentDedicating To Rent Houses And Departments Is Not A Good Business

This is totally inaccurate, even many refer to this as “The Widows’ Business” in an even contemptuous tone

In this as in all businesses, the profit is not made when you sell or in this case, when you earn, the profit is obtained when you buy, if the house or department you buy for the purpose of leasing is at or above the value of There will be no way for you to obtain a reasonable profit; You need to acquire a below market value or in an area with a high expected capital gain, which is something speculative, so you can get excellent returns on your investment when renting houses or apartments.

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I know a person who has hundreds of apartments for rent, which has a team to manage them and is always looking for new opportunities, if it was not an excellent business this person would not be so prosperous and long ago would have been discarded Investments.

 5 Myths Of Real Estate InvestmentLandlords Are Problematic And Risk

Although there is a risk of a problem renter who is late with the rents I think rather that we are the owners of the houses and land the problematic and risky, we need to make a preliminary evaluation of who we are giving our property in lease, ask References, request deposits and months or months of rent in advance and investigate, it is also very important that we ratify our lease agreements before public notary; At the time of a problem with the lessee the first thing that is discussed is the authenticity of the signatures, signing in before the notary we avoid problems and we can exercise almost immediately and recover our property soon, ratify a contract is Very cheap and simple, I have been involved in signing leases with high values ​​and the cost of ratification is not more than a couple of thousand pesos, for a small property can be as cheap as a thousand pesos or less. Rather it is our indolence and ignorance in matter that can get us into trouble.

 5 Myths Of Real Estate InvestmentIf I Buy A Predict And Results That This problem Lose My Money, There Is No Way To Be Safe

Although there is always risk when acquiring a property there are several ways to mitigate it.

Although little known there are insurance for the sale of real estate, they are sure to work the opposite of the rest of the insurance, ie a Title insurance covers you for what happened before you bought the property and one of medical expenses covers you by What happens after you buy insurance, Tittle Insurance is complex in its process because there are only few firms that offer them, basically what these firms do is analyze the property and its history and issue a legal opinion regarding the If they see that the property does not have large visible risks, they issue and sell the policy, if at first sight they detect risky situations in the property they will not sell the policy and in the strict sense you should not buy the property.

5 Myths Of Real Estate InvestmentWhat is my recommendation? It depends on what you are going to acquire, if you are going to buy a home or a lot or not with mortgage credit the Notary can carry out a simple review that eliminates the risks in the 99% of the occasions in my opinion is More than enough, if you are going to acquire something more complex, as a land to develop, or some property with a very recent communal antecedent what I recommend you is that you consultants with a real estate lawyer, a very simple review of them Will allow you to eliminate most of the risk.

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