What Was New from Drupal in April 2018?

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Drupal might not be the best known of the content management systems (CMS), but it’s certainly the most powerful. The software consistently rates highly in the league tables thanks to its power, versatility and enthusiastic online community of developers, who are constantly adding new plug-ins that add genuine value to the package.

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As the third most popular CMS in the world, Drupal is steadily gaining ground over its rivals. Last year Forbes announced that Drupal technicians are seeing an increase in their salaries of around 9%, which is a sure sign that the software is on a roll. With new features and add-ons becoming available all the time, we’re likely to see a rapid growth in the uptake of Drupal-powered websites over the coming months.

Recent New Features

This April, we’ve seen a number of new innovations from Drupal, including some security fixes. There’s been a fix for vulnerabilities related to remote code execution, along with a fix for cross-site script vulnerability. Drupal has emphasised the need to regularly update site security and introduced a number of patches and other solutions to secure potential loopholes in the software.

Brand New Modules

Drupal developers never stop working on new features, and there have been plenty of new modules released in April this year, including a selection of fixes and improvements to 9.2.2. Drush-Ops/drush. Security vulnerabilities to Drupal 8.5.3 have been addressed and fixed, and there have also been some bug fixes released for Commerce 8.x-2.6 for added reassurance.

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Community News

Drupal’s active community is key to the software’s continuing success and growth, with numerous individuals and companies, including Drupal design agency https://www.website-express.co.uk/service/drupal-design-development-agency, regularly contributing to the software. This month, Drupal is calling on its community members to assist with a range of brand new initiatives that it hopes will increase the software’s popularity.


The Drupal convention was held in Nashville last month, with the platform’s founder, Dries Buytaert, giving the keynote speech. He spoke about the opportunities within the market for growth, highlighted a number of core principles associated with the software and emphasised their value to the rest of the world.

The community was reminded to purchase their tickets for the European Drupalcon, which is being arranged this year by DrupalEurope and promises to be a lively and stimulating event for everyone attending.

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