New Rules On Twitter: Now If You Will Enjoy Your 140 Characters

New rules on Twitter. They change their rules by making a big change in the way they tweet. The news announced in May is already part of the game; Twitter now allows longer tweets because it removed the photos, quotes from other tweets and other elements of its limit of 140 characters.

Flexing the character limit, which has defined Twitter since its foundation, is a reflection of the fact that tweets today include a lot of additional material, such as surveys and GIF’s.

New Rules On Twitter: Now If You Will Enjoy Your 140 CharactersNow when a user adds a photo, GIF, video or survey in their tweet it will not count among the 140 characters available for writing. An appointment that displays the tweet of another person within the own will not add to the characters used.

The company is also testing new forms of response that will omit the number of characters of the usernames of the people to whom it is going to respond. If you respond to several people at once, the social network omits all of them from your tweet.

These measures allow users to have more space to raise their ideas, using the resources they want, which will surely generate conversations easier to follow.

New Rules On Twitter: Now If You Will Enjoy Your 140 CharactersTwitter shared the details of the change in his Blog

Answers: When replying to a tweet, the @name no longer count for the count of 140 characters. This will make conversations easier and easier to follow, without having to be stingy with words to ensure that they reach the whole group.

New Rules On Twitter: Now If You Will Enjoy Your 140 CharactersConclusion

Now thanks to these novelties the communication will be more fluid and it will be possible to make use of multimedia elements more frequently. It also offers the possibility of opening better conversations, without so many restrictions and without the difficulty of following the answers in the social network.

Also thanks to the possibility of citing the own tweet, it will no longer be necessary to build long series of tufts, but there is the possibility of citing the previous tweet and continue with the idea without this affecting the use of the characters.

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