Other options to double glazing

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If you live in an older property and love the look of your original windows but find they let out too much heat, what are some of the alternatives to installing double glazing?

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Secondary glazing

Part of the charm of old properties are the old-fashioned window styles that add to their character, but there’s no doubt they lead to draughts and costly heating bills. Instead of ripping out beautiful original windows, you may be able to have secondary glazing installed, which can reduce the amount of heat lost and the amount of noise.

Energywise suggests that if you have an older home, you could upgrade your windows, without having to replace them with new double glazing. This will depend on the condition and type of your existing windows, but secondary glazing works by forming a sealed, insulating air gap inside existing windows.

It is ideal for listed buildings because it is unobtrusive and can be made to measure so you can ensure draughts are reduced. The glass is thermally toughened, which means it acts like double glazing by trapping air between the existing window and itself.

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Insulated blinds

Easier and cheaper than installing double glazing, fitted roller blinds that are insulated are a relatively new idea that solve the problem of heat escaping thanks to a layer of insulating material sandwiched between a metallic material similar to that used for hypothermia sufferers. You can also buy insulated shutters that do the same thing and look good, too.

French doors

If you have to replace any windows because of an extension and want to let more light in, French doors look good and have a high energy rating because they provide good heat insulation. They are internally glazed and come in a range of colours and styles, with the option of opening in or out. If you are looking for French doors in Dublin, you could consider consulting a specialist like http://www.keanewindows.ie/french-doors.html for more information on products.

DIY options

If money is very tight but you still want to keep the heat in, there are other options, such as draught-proofing or adding a plastic film on the windows. However, these will have limited effect. You could also buy thick, heavy curtains with a decent lining to help retain warmth.

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