Pagani Huayra, Son Of The Wind

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Pagani Huayra, Son Of The Wind

Very spectacular, no matter where you look, the acclaimed Zonda’s replacement comes to the market with a curious name (Huayra) , which refers to a god of South American mythology. According to history, it is the divine force of the winds and hurricanes that lives in the mountains of the Argentine northwest.

Pagani Huayra, Son Of The WindUnder the hood of this beast hides an engine made exclusively by AMG, whose figures frighten: V12 biturbo , six liters of cubicle, 700 hp , 1,000 Nm … and all this to move 1,350 kilos. On paper, and thanks to an overwhelming weight / power ratio (1.92 kg / hp) , this Pagani leaves behind Porsche , Ferrari , Lamborghini and other members of this select species.Pagani Huayra, Son Of The Wind

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Although perhaps the most interesting is not its powerful propeller, nor its striking body equipped with a door opening system type seagull wings, in the style of Mercedes SLS, but its monocoque chassis made of carbon and titanium. The structure is very rigid and contributes greatly to reducing the weight of the whole, but the best thing is that it is prepared to effectively absorb the impacts and reduce the damage to the occupants. This is a clear example that elite sportsmanship should not be at odds with the needs that prevail in modern times. As is the fact that the mechanics comply with the EU5 emission standard.Pagani Huayra, Son Of The Wind

This asphalt animal, capable of reaching 360 km / h of top speed, has a price according to its exclusivity: one million dollars . Only 20 units per year will be manufactured and there is already a waiting list of more than three years.Pagani Huayra, Son Of The Wind

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