The Perfect addition to a house. A lovely Porch

If you’re looking to spruce up the house then a Timber frame porch like the ones you’ll find at might well be the answer that you’re looking for. This is an elegant and timeless addition to any home and could well be that that certain something that puts your property above the rest.

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You do need a certain amount of space at the front of the property and there will be the possible question of planning permission regulations, (you can view the basics of that here), to go through as you are making a material change to the front of the house. This is not always the case and the council will make a ruling but it is wise to ask first as it will save a lot of expense and possible heartbreak later. The saying “Seek forgiveness not permission” is not relevant or wise here. Not wanting to disappoint you but there are certain regulations and covenants written into your house ownership that forbade you from doing certain things to the property. For example, the façade of Georgian properties cannot be altered as it breaks up the flow and appearance (this includes modern new builds that have been built in the likeness of the Georgina style) and if the building has a listed status. Don’t forget a porch can also go on the rear of the house and provide you with a bit more living space or storage.

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Let us assume that you have the correct criteria. What can you have and what would you use it for? Choosing the timber is up to you. The most traditional, hard wearing when treated and just simply English look is that of Oak. Don’t worry though, the experts will advise you and make suggestions based on the house as it is before recommending a theme and pressing on with the building. There are a variety of choice in terms of style and design. Are you a more traditional person? We can have that for you but we also have the more contemporary  designs coming out of the Scandinavian countries who specialise in such things in their homes.

What can you use a porch for? What is it purpose? Well the best way to describe it is to give you a scenario. It’s been raining and you and the kids were caught out in shower. You’re all wet and miserable and to top it off the dog jumped into the pond again and is filthy dirty with mud. Now imagine you’re going straight into the house in that state. A porch lets you kick of the boots and coats and make sure Rover is a little bit presentable before he goes for a bath. That’s got to appeal hasn’t it?

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