Pilates And Back Pain

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Pilates And Back Pain

In the last few years many of my patients, colleagues, friends … with back pain ask me would I be able to do Pilates for my back pain. My immediate answer is YES, but I always like to explain what Pilates is and what recommendations we should follow to really benefit from this method.

The method is not simply a system of exercises, Pilates seeks the union of mind and body, because only if we are aware of our weaknesses and compensations, we can achieve the balance (strength / flexibility) necessary in our body, to achieve a correct posture that releases us from those muscular pains.

Pilates And Back PainWhy are we going to do well to do Pilates for back pain?

First, because it should be a personalized training (analysis of our position, profession, medical history, sports habits, mood …), adjusting and adapting the exercises to our needs, to be able to control the performance of them without doing us harm. It does not look for quantity, but precision and quality.

Second, it will require a lot of concentration to coordinate breathing, posture and fluidity in the movement, so it will be our time, we will spend a little time listening to our body leaving aside the stress of day to day, Releasing tensions that increase stiffness and muscle pain.

And last but not least, it attaches great importance to the work of our abdominal girdle (internal oblique, transverse abdomen, psoas, Lumbar Square) considers it our energy center, is the pillar that gives it Stability to our spine, and balance to our body. For all this I believe that the Pilates method will help us correct our postural habits by considerably reducing back pain.

It is important to know the characteristics of Pilates, because in recent years have grown considerably the centers that offer this method, but not everything offered as Pilates is Pilates, are other types of gymnastics, exercises, methods … which can also be beneficial , But are not based on the principles of Pilates.

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What recommendations do I give you before starting the Pilates method?

– Whenever we have pain or some pathology we should consult with a professional.

– Find a quality center, where professionals are well trained.

– Reduced classes (no more than three people) to be able to have that individualized and personalized treatment.

– We should not suffer pain when performing the exercises, if so we must talk to the monitor to adapt the exercise or value if we should not do it.

As Joseph Pilates would say, in 10 sessions you will notice the difference, in 10 more sessions, that difference will be noticed in your environment, and in another 10 sessions, your body will have changed.

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