Practical Tips For Cost-Effective Lead Generation

Practical Tips For Cost-Effective Lead Generation

In a business with an online business vocation, lead generation is a very important activity and can have an impact on the bottom line depending on how it is carried out.

In the first place, it will be necessary to determine what the objective is pursued, normally it is usually one of these 3:

– Lead generation for direct sales (usually contacts with buying predisposition).

– Generation of leads to obtain critical mass destined to the sending of newsletters and several communications.

– Generation of leads for “re-selling”: used by comparators or sector pages with high traffic volume.

The Two Roads for The Generation Of Leads

There are two different forms, which group different practical techniques for lead generation:

1- Organic or Inbound Marketing techniques are those in which there is no type of purchase of leads. Here the biggest investment is in time since it is not simple at first to create a constant “drip” of new contacts. The most used techniques are:

– Social networks to attract traffic to a registration page.

– Generation of content in a blog or download content as an ebook or white-paper.

– Content positioned in Google (SEO).

2- Outbound or PPC techniques: based on the generation of contacts by paying a support with a lot of potential traffic. The most commonly used mechanisms are:

– Advertising on Google: in the formats of search, display or with Remarketing.

– Emailing to large databases.

– Advertising on social networks: facebook ads, linkedin ads…

The mission of many marketers is to combine all of these techniques to create profitable lead generation ecosystems for the company.

Practical Tips For Cost-Effective Lead GenerationPractical Tips for Generating Leads For Profitable

Given the possible paths with the goal of generating leads, I advise you to consider the following tips:

1- Make a document that is worth downloading: It can already be an ebook, white-paper or similar. If you do a good market study to know what really interests your potential customers you can give away in exchange for the subscription to your blog for example. This mechanism is very effective if the document is worth it.

2- Offer special conditions of purchase: Another similar option is to offer commercial advantages if the user decides to register to the page. When there is an incentive of this type is a good opportunity to request more data that may be relevant (phone, city, age  …).

Practical Tips For Cost-Effective Lead Generation3- Doing A / B test with lading pages and CTA’s: Landing pages should be visually appealing and provide only that information that is strictly necessary. The writing of these texts is also important to make it persuasive. CTAs or calls to action, although they seem to have little impact, can increase the conversion ratio of a campaign. All these tests will help to get validated information and refine gradually.

4- Add testimonials from satisfied customers: We’ve all thought that these testimonials may be prepared but the visual effect on a creative is still positive. Therefore, why not use it when it is simple to implement?

Practical Tips For Cost-Effective Lead Generation5- Organize a webinar: It is a good idea as long as:

– If you choose a topic that is of interest.

– If you have access to a mass of related users (if not, it is a good excuse for an advertising campaign in social networks for example.

Practical Tips For Cost-Effective Lead GenerationAll these leads must be treated as what they are, people interested in a product or service. They are an important source of possible income; therefore, the management you make of these leads can mark the “becoming” of your company

What is the most valuable advice for you to generate leads profitably?

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