Problems With Prestashop 1.5.3 – Need Help?

I have tried to collect the most important mistakes we have detected in the version of Prestashop 1.5.3 . Most of these problems prestashop 1.5.3 are motivated by the process of updating a single click that are included in our backend or private part of the store. This beta update is generating many problems when updating our version of prestashop and far from the upgrade version of other applications.

Problems with Prestashop 1.5.3

– Problem with the cart, problems with payment of paypal, problems with shipping methods. These three problems are solved or reinstalling restarting each of these modules. You may need to set it again, as may be the case of paypal.

– Problem with the theme. Not all templates are compatible with prestashop 1.5.3, especially if you’re moving from version 1.4, think twice before upgrading. I recommend you do a separate installation and try it there before doing the actual store.

Problems With Prestashop 1.5.3 - Need Help
Problems With Prestashop 1.5.3 – Need Help

You can find good themes compatible with prestashop 1.5.3

You can also check the forum theme creator you use to find motivated by an incompatibility solutions.

– Error loading a product, shows a error message Invalid url for that language. In prestashop 1.5 corrects the failure of previous version 1.4 that allow write accents in the url, and therefore was not a friendly url. But the problem comes when we will modify an old product initially introduced prestashop 1.4, shows this error message quoted above, to solve it we need to modify the url and make friendly.

– Does not allow us to upgrade to version 1.5.2 to 1.5.3. It is very easy to solve because we have to update the upgrade module prestashop.

– Gone are the images or not displayed correctly. To solve it we must regenerate the thumbnails of the pictures, which we find in the preferences delas images.

Problems With Prestashop 1.5.3 - Need Help
Problems With Prestashop 1.5.3 – Need Help

– Shop is blank. Deletes the cache and delete the  file from your prestashop 1.5.3.

These are some of the most common mistakes but can find the list of bugs prestashop 1.5.3 by clicking here

I also recommend that you use the forum prestashop bugs in Spanish . If you open a forum thread will respond fairly quickly as the prestashop community is very large (+ 300,000 users).

Problems With Prestashop 1.5.3 - Need Help
Problems With Prestashop 1.5.3 – Need Help

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