Five ways to get customers to shop at your store

It used to be so easy. You’d open a shop, people would pop in and sometimes buy things from you. Those days are long gone thanks to the internet and social media.

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Often customers know exactly what they want before they leave the house and so retailers have to keep up with the trends if they are to survive.

Trends that include blending modern technology, like e-commerce and social media, to provide shoppers with an experience they won’t forget, so they come back for more.

Sometimes shoppers don’t even want to leave home at all meaning that you have to invest in a Same day courier birmingham.

Let’s take a look at just what customers desire from an average shopping experience.

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A buying experience that is multi-channel

You should have an online site outlining exactly what it is you sell along with your prices, as according to the Huffington Post, retail is going online Customers want the freedom to be able to browse your store from home and compare your prices to competitors. They may also want the choice to purchase something for home delivery which means you’ll need a reliable same day courier Birmingham based preferably if you live in that area.

Personal data

This should all be stored so that each customer’s data is present through every transaction they make, whether this is in-store or online. A customer who buys something online should have their information stored so that if they visit the same store on the high street their details appear immediately for the sales assistant.

Shop assistants who know their stuff

Retailers need to ensure that staff are knowledgeable when it comes to products. This is especially important when it comes to expensive technological equipment. Employees should be equipped with tablets and other digital displays where they can instantly look up product information.

A buying experience that is personalised

Customers are tired of receiving marketing messages that are not relevant. Retailers should ensure that targeted advertisements and deals are relevant to individual customers by gathering as much data on them as possible.

Price matching

Savvy customers only need to go online to check out if they can get something cheaper elsewhere. Retailers need to have sales assistants who know when it is appropriate to match prices with competitors. 

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