Little known facts about Bristol

Bristol is a much loved and thriving city with many people moving to the area either for work or to enjoy the delights that the city has to offer. When it comes to moving to a new area it is always worth using a Bristol Removals Company to transport all of your items from one place to another in a safe way. I Move Removals are a Bristol Removals company that can help you with this.

Bristol has an incredible history and there have been many famous people such as Russell Howard who have originated from the city. As well as having a history in exports and manufacturing there are some other increible, lesser known facts about Bristol.

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  • The well known pirate Blackbeard , Edward Teach reportedly lived in Bristol and the place in which he lived can still be seen on the harbourside, he also had his hideout for both himself and any of his treasures in the caves of Redcliffe.
  • Bungee jumping first took place in Bristol when in 1979 an individual from Oxford University who was a member of their Dangerous Sports Club took part in a bungee jump from the Clifton Suspension Bridge. After this first jump on 1st April 1979 the adrenalin fuelled sport started to become more and more popular across the country.
  • Hot Air Balloons have become synonymous with Bristol with the annual balloon fiesta taking place in August every year. This festival sees thousands of people visiting the Ashton Court area to view the hundreds of balloons that congregate for a the fiesta As well as this celebration of balloons taking place in the City the company Cameron Balloons in Bedminster actual makes the highest number of hot air balloons in the world.

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  • If you enjoy some lovely Easter Eggs over the Bank Holiday period you can thank the Bristol chocolatier Fry’s for this as they invented the first chocolate easter egg back in 1873 and they have also been credited with creating the first solid chocolate bar back in 1847.
  • Bristol Zoo is actually one of the oldest Zoos in the world having opened its doors in 1836. It continue to attract thousands of visitors each year to see the wonderful range of animals that they care for as a part of their wider conservation program.

If you have never visited the City it is definitely a place in which you will find something to interest you. Whether this is the incredible entertainment options available, enjoying the delights of the beautiful landscapes in the area or even taking in some of the city’s long history and heritage sites.

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