Top tips for keeping your property safe

While there’s never any guarantees that your property will be secure from attacks by burglars, remaining vigilant and taking precautionary measures can help you feel reassured that you’ve made the effort to protect your home from thieves.

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Keep your outside tidy but simple

If you spend a lot of time and money on plants, features and maintenance of your front garden, then burglars might expect that you would spend money on other things as well. Keep open space at the front of your house, so that nobody can hide while trying to break in through windows or doors.

Invest in a security system

Options including security cameras, smart locks, motion sensitive lights, smartphone-enabled answering systems, privacy film on windows and good old-fashioned neighbourhood watch are all good systems to think of when you’re looking to improve security.

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Take packaging off site for recycling

Potential thieves might keep an eye on your rubbish bins to see what big ticket items like TVs or computers you have been buying. Don’t throw away receipts for these items in your rubbish bin either.

Don’t let your letterbox burst

If you’re going away on holiday, arrange a way for your post to be collected by a friend or neighbour, so that it doesn’t start overflowing from your postbox and catch a potential thief’s eye.

Shed some light

One of the top tips the police give is to set some lights to come on when it gets dark, so that people passing will think the house looks lived in.

Employ an expert

If you’ve got more than just your home to worry about, employ a professional firm. For property management Cheltenham is well-served. One key responsibility is to ensure the security of your property, and experts such as Complete Property Group offer Property Management Cheltenham.

Make portable items difficult to lift

Hide away items that would be easy for a thief to take away. Go to items include IT information, expensive bottles of alcohol, cash, jewelry, technology and tools. These could all be locked away in cupboards, but remember to keep the keys somewhere thieves won’t think to look.

Beware of unusual behaviour

If you notice strange vehicles or people walking around your neighbourhood, don’t be afraid to call the non-emergency police number if you’re worried. 

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