Why do women not work in manufacturing?

Women in Manufacturing (WiM) conducted a survey that discovered that almost 45% of women wouldn’t choose a manufacturing career.

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People outside the industry tend to think of long working hours, manual labour and assembly lines. These stereotypes still exist about the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) industries.

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Female role models are important in the male-dominated industry. In 2018, the FTSE 100 reported a rise in female directorships from 294 to 305 – a growth of 1.3%. However, in the UK, we have the smallest proportion of female engineer jobs in Europe.

Women’s contribution

Sadly, 51% of women employed in the STEM industry have experienced poorer treatment simply because of their gender. In fact, women in these roles have shown themselves to be beneficial in not only closing the gender gap but also in boosting firms’ profitability. Research proposes that each 10% increase in gender diversity equates to a 3.5% growth in gross profit.

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Industry Week looks at female role models in manufacturing https://www.industryweek.com/technology-and-iiot/women-manufacturing-and-role-models-who-inspire-them.

The Shine theory

This American notion suggests that befriending accomplished women in the workplace, rather than fighting with them, will help you to succeed.

More apprenticeships

Degrees are not for everyone, and apprenticeships are once again becoming popular. However, the statistics for the sectors offering apprenticeships aren’t wholly optimistic when it comes to plugging the gender gap.

Subject areas including travel services, beauty therapy and learning support all showed 80% or more women applicants. However, the gas industry, vehicle maintenance, and repair and construction industries all had less than 10%.

British Gas

The energy provider has tried to get women to apply for their workplace apprenticeships by highlighting the careers of their highest-achieving female employees.

Lookers motor group

Among Centrica’s Top 100 employers, the national motor group has launched a female apprentice network. It sets up regular meetings among female apprentices, allowing them to share their knowledge and experience.

Role models

A Guardian study in 2018 revealed that women make up only 14.4% of everyone working in the UK’s STEM, despite the fact that they comprise almost half of the workforce. Establishing prominent figures for women to look up to, such as Donna Strickland, the third woman to win the Nobel Prize for Physics, becomes imperative.

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