Save on your Christmas holidays

The arrival of the extra pay is a relief, for the lucky ones who enjoy it, but if we are not careful we can end up with a hole in our account, even with those extra income. We recommends a number of tips to spend less on travel during these holiday dates.

Save on your Christmas holidaysIf you travel by road

If you have to travel on the road, car sharing, a large part of the trips at this time of year are produced by road. In these cases the best option to save fuel, the cheapest and fastest is to find someone with whom we can share car and journey. Co-workers, people who are from our town or city and who are displaced in another can be a solution. Social networks and the Internet will also offer us solutions to find people with whom to share routes and expenses, so that our trip is a little less costly for our savings. Christmas is already a time when expenses skyrocket

Save on your Christmas holidaysIf you travel by plane

– Travel when it is cheaper: The price of flights varies considerably depending on the month, day and even time of the trip. Some flight search engines, such as Sky scanner, Kayak , allow you to compare flight prices for a whole month or all The year, so that you can see which days are cheaper to fly. You will save enough. Avoiding the weekends has a big impact on the price of the flight. Why not compare journeys from Wednesday to Wednesday instead of Friday to Friday? With the search engine of these pages you can get a graph with the cheapest days of the week to travel.

– Search from all airports near your place of origin and destination.

– Mix your flights: mix the airlines to find the cheapest price and also the schedule that suits you best. You can save money if you make the round trip with different companies or if you go to different airports.

– Do not fly with excess weight: If you are concerned about the charges for excess baggage, why not put on the garments that you have left over instead of putting them in the suitcase? There are some fantastic products on the market that allow you to carry personal items with you ensuring that they will not count as excess baggage. Think well what you are going to take and what you will really be useful. Most of the time we throw things in the suitcase that we do not wear.

– Weighs the luggage before leaving home: Some of us arrive at the airport and realize that we have exceeded the weight limit and we have to pay inflated prices for it. You can avoid it if you weigh your suitcase before leaving home and remove any unnecessary object if you really go overweight.

Save on your Christmas holidaysHow to save on accommodation

– Home exchange: If you want to go on vacation but are tired of the typical hotel chains and expensive and soulless rooms, why not consider a home exchange? It will cost you practically nothing, it is what has the word “exchange”, and you will be able to visit a new country while enjoying all the comforts of a home.

– Opt for hostels in place of hotels: There are very good quality that offer all the services but in a more familiar and close environment. For the traveler, the experience can be much more rewarding than staying in a chain of hotels, and also cheaper.

Save on your Christmas holidaysHow to save on the stay

– Eat in local restaurants and not for tourists: Apart from that try new gastronomy is one of the pleasures of traveling, it will also allow you to eat better and surely cheaper if you do as an autochthonous. Both a bowl of $ 1 noodle soup in Vietnam and the locals hidden in a French alley often cook local produce that taste better and has not been imported.

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– Take advantage of everything to eat at the hotel’s buffet breakfast or buy at local supermarkets for lunch.

– Apptualizate: In the age of technology, your mobile phone can help save you money. There are applications on the market for anything: travel guides, maps, conversation guides, everything you can imagine! Lower them before you travel and you will save not only money but also a lot of luggage space.

– Change the currency before traveling if you go to a country with a currency other than the euro: Taking money abroad can carry many charges. Although using the debit card may be cheaper than using the credit card, keep in mind that many banks charge commissions for withdrawing money in addition to the standard. So it is better to take with you what you think you are going to spend and avoid extra charges. Just be careful and do not keep all the cash in one place.

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