Selling requires time and patience

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Alluded to the book makes a time “Seller? Me?” Joel Pinto, which spoke in the first person salesmanship. Hand of a professional who took decades in this profession.

Selling is also a hard job, an important link for any company. Negotiate, negotiate to know goes hand knowledge of sales techniques and above all, patience.


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Flexible attitude and patience

  • During negotiations to close a sale you need to maintain a flexible attitude where concessions are part of this time. A delicate moment because each party will try to get the best benefit.

How many surprising cases entrepreneurs know that besides having a brilliant idea, had another ace: patience? Many, for example. Hawkers owners, and the story of how they managed to be sponsors of the Lakers.

The advantage of being patient

  • The listener usually learn, as much talk that will only hear your own ideas. Listen to the customer will give us information about what is willing to give, their situation, and above all, the desire to have to close the deal.


  • The art of patience to listen to others, also goes hand in hand that the other party is aware of what is being offered, because do not forget that the objective of the seller remains strong, despite the concessions.

Take time for negotiation is a selling technique as appropriate as employing an aggressive attitude or landslide where the other just can expressed. Also as simple as practicing active listening, will provide a great advantage to the seller while negotiating. Click for more selling tips.

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