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6 essential to have the perfect home office

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Discover which are indispensable to have the perfect home office, all you need to know to build your own studio, how to isolate it , what furniture to use, what is the best or how to store lighting.

To improve our productivity at work is important to have a well-organized and comfortable space. Here in this article you will find some tricks to keep it tidy and always make the most. It does not matter if small or have a limited budget, there are ideas for everyone.

Acquires the right furniture

It is essential to acquire the furniture that best suits our needs. In this case, the first is the functionality; we leave in a second term trends. Furniture should be the required size, a large table where they work, where they fit the computer and / or tablet, books, notebooks, and other tools such as pencils, pens, markers or calculator.

Although you should keep in mind that the table has to fit the available space, and a desk too large prevent us from having things close at hand and under control, which eventually translates into having the cluttered office.

We also need a comfortable chair in which to adopt a correct posture, it is advisable to be a chair with a back adjusted to your age and height, and according to the height of the table. And with shelves to store books, located at a suitable height, so you have all your material at hand.

Try to always have all the material you require to work, it is an essential element to work without interruption and with more concentration. Such as reference books, notebooks, computer or tablet, calendar, bulletin cork, a flexo and stationery. Continue reading 6 essential to have the perfect home office