How To Take Good Care Of Hair In Winter?

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How To Take Good Care Of Hair In Winter?

Winter is a real test for women’s locks. The piercing wind, frost, battery-dried air and a lack of vitamins lead to their damage. But do not worry – regular salon and home care, competent selection of cosmetics and a balanced diet will help to maintain care of hair.How To Take Good Care Of Hair In Winter?

The correct choice of headgear

No wonder they say that prevention is the best treatment. The most reliable way to prevent hair damage due to sudden changes in temperature and wind is to hide them in a hat or a warm hood. If you are afraid for your hair, choose voluminous scarves and warm kerchiefs, the free end of which can be neatly thrown over your hair. For artificial curls, a warm hat is required – sharp cooling causes a spasm of the vessels in the scalp, resulting in weakened hair follicles gaining double stress.

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Care of hair in winter at home

Cooking ringlets for the winter need from autumn. First of all, sign up for a haircut to get rid of split ends. Then change the shampoo and conditioner balm to preparations with a nutritious and deeply moisturizing action, suitable for your hair type, as thin, curly or discolored require special care. Such cosmetics can be found in our catalog. Use deep-action repair masks and indelible serums for tips. Minimize the use of stowage – they often contain alcohol in their composition and can dry their hair.How To Take Good Care Of Hair In Winter?

Try to refrain from using a hair dryer, ironing. If you constantly make the styling at home, then be sure to apply for the entire length of the hair cosmetic preparations with a thermal protection effect and adjust the minimum heating temperature on the device. When buying a new styler, choose models with a ceramic coating on the work area, which distributes heat evenly and does not give the curls to overheat.How To Take Good Care Of Hair In Winter?

At home, you can take care of your hair with natural cosmetics. Try to do a course of masks for clarified, dry and long hair: generously soak curls with olive oil along the entire length about an hour or two before washing your head or apply a small amount of oil on the tips before going to bed. You can also practice self-massage of the scalp with a wooden comb or brush with a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil.

Eat right

Beauty comes from within and what we eat directly affects the appearance. To prevent hair from falling out and growing faster, take care of a sufficient number of fruits, vegetables, low-fat meat and fish in your diet. In the food must be present proteins, fats, vitamins A, E, group B, D3, polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and 6, iron, zinc, magnesium, and phosphorus. In winter, during a deficit of fresh fruits and vegetables, the ideal vitamin and mineral complexes will be ideal assistants. Be sure to consume enough water to moisten the scalp and hair follicles from the inside.How To Take Good Care Of Hair In Winter?

Salon procedures

In winter, the scalp is good for mesotherapy – microinjection into the scalp with a vitamin cocktail. This procedure is especially useful in hair care after 40 years. You can also make keratin straightening, which will give the locks a luxurious shine and will not allow them to crumble even under the hat. If you have gray hair, then from persistent staining for the winter, it is better to refuse and apply toning shampoos or to opt for a caring paint without ammonia.How To Take Good Care Of Hair In Winter?

All tips for care of hair in winter is important to apply in the complex. A properly selected hat protects the curls from the outside, vitamins and minerals nourish the scalp from the inside, and cosmetic preparations will restore the damaged areas and improve the appearance of your hair.

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