Ten great healthy breakfast ideas

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It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With a bit of imagination, it can also be the tastiest meal. Take a look at some of these breakfast ideas to help you get a healthy start to your day.

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Fruity breakfasts

How about adding some of your five a day to your breakfast menu? These great recipes will ensure you are getting taste as well as nutrition.

1.      A delicious breakfast smoothie will get your day off to a great start. Combine your favourite berries with some peanut butter and your favourite milk and blend together for a delicious smoothie. Adjust the milk content to get your perfect consistency. This recipe is an excellent source of protein and vitamins.
2.      Combine roasted rhubarb with oats, natural yoghurt and some honey for a low-calorie breakfast.
3.      Combine some pureed berries and Greek yoghurt to make the base for a smoothie bowl. Top with seeds such as sunflower and flax for some extra crunch.

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Toastie ideas

4.      For a crunchy, filling breakfast, top some rye toast with smoked salmon and smashed avocado. This protein-rich breakfast will fill you up for the morning.
5.      Fancy a hearty breakfast in bed? Why not enjoy a plate of figs and thick yoghurt on rye toast? It’s perfect for Sunday mornings with breakfast on your lap trays. Add some honey for a hint of sweetness.
6.      For a protein-rich start to your day, combine eggs, smoked haddock, pecorino cheese and wilted spinach to your favourite bread. This will set you up for any challenge. Sauté the spinach in a little garlic-infused olive oil for extra flavour.

Simple oats

  1.     Are you a vegan? There are some fantastic recipes for overnight oats. Soak your oats overnight in coconut or almond milk and top with nuts, desiccated coconut, pumpkin and chia seeds for a healthy breakfast. Enjoy this recipe in bed using a lap tray such as https://personalisedlaptrays.co.uk/collections/lap-trays.
    8.      For other porridge ideas, top with almond butter, banana and apple. Coconut and lime work well together, as do plums and raisins.
    9.      For savoury porridge, combine stock with some vegetables and a fried egg. It’s a delicious alternative!
    10.     For busy mornings, make a breakfast biscuit with oats, flour, maple syrup and butter along with mixed spices and cinnamon for taste. Add some dried fruit for extra sweetness and texture.

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