The 6 Most Beautiful Bridges In The World

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The New Bridge of Ronda

The bridges are works halfway between engineering and architecture, between technique and art. That is to say, they can be important infrastructures at the same time as beautiful works. But in addition, some have an impressive historical load, have starred in films, books, historical episodes or personal events. Hence, each one can make his particular list of bridges. This is ours.

Wonderful bridges

1. The Rialto Bridge in VeniceThe Rialto Bridge in Venice

Already only in Venice, the city of channels par excellence, there would be several bridges worthy of appearing on this list, such as the famous and delicate Bridge of Sighs. However, we have chosen to mention the Rialto Bridge, because besides a historical and beautiful work, it is undoubtedly very functional, already joining both shores of the Grand Canal since 1591.

Since then, it serves the neighbors of the city, and any day of the year is crossed by thousands of people from every corner of the planet, who photographs it on their mobile phones, cameras or tablets. In short, we stand before one of the most beautiful bridges in the world without a doubt, and also one of the most travelers to be one of the typical postcards of Venice.

2. Brooklyn Bridge in New York Brooklyn Bridge in New York

Perhaps it can be argued if this American bridge is the most beautiful in the world, but what is no doubt is that it is the most famous. No bridge comes in as many movies or TV series as the New York Brooklyn Bridge, linking Brooklyn’s own neighborhood with Manhattan Island, saving the waters of the East River.

This work of engineering and also of art was constructed between the years 1870 and 1883. A work in which 23,000 kilometers of steel were used for the cables that support all the hanging board and that support in the two great stone pillars that have a clear neogothic air, with its pointed arches.

3. The Old Bridge of MostarThe Old Bridge of Mostar

If the former in New York is not the most beautiful, neither is this the one in the city of Bosnia Herzegovina, but there are no doubt that few European bridges have their symbolic burden:  a bridge that was demolished by the bombings in the recent Balkan War and which was re-constructed identical to the previous one as a symbol of peace and future.

The original was built in the 16th century to save the Neretva River, in times of Turkish rule. It was therefore designed by one of the disciples of the great Sinan, architect of one of the most beautiful mosques in Istanbul. It is a magnificent construction of a single arch that rises about 20 meters on the boxed channel.

4. Ha ‘Penny Bridge of DublinHa 'Penny Bridge of Dublin

The Dublin “half-penny bridge” has a name that recalls its origins, since when it was built in 1816 each person who crossed it had to pay that amount as a toll. Of course, only if I stepped and walked through it, for that reason it was common to save people who crossed behind or in the arms of others.

This toll crossing the River Liffey that runs through the capital of Ireland lasted until 1919, and is that the Ha’Penny Brigde was the first fixed bridge that saved the channel . And although there have been more, including one that is wider than long and two others built by Calatrava, none have the beauty or the romantic load of Ha’Penny.

5. The Kapellbrücke of LucerneThe Kapellbrücke of Lucerne

In the Swiss city of Lucerne is this bridge of the Chapel that is beautiful, It is also the oldest of this list and is even the oldest wooden bridge in Europe, since it was built in 1333.

That is to say, it is an incredible medieval engineering work that has the peculiarity of having a path in three sections and towards the middle of it is the so-called Water Tower, which is believed to have predated the bridge.

But it is not only engineering, it is also art, because on the deck of the bridge there are more than 100 murals telling the history of the city. That is, it is the great treasure of Lucerne, so much so that when it was burned in 1993, almost without turning off its flames already began its restoration.

6. The New Bridge of Ronda The New Bridge of Ronda

We are going to finish with a Spanish bridge, concretely the New Bridge that is in the Málaga town of Ronda. Although this denomination of New Bridge can lead to deceit, since it is a work of century XVIII.

A work in which they were invested more than forty years, and that was not a simple construction, since it is an infrastructure that unites the two sides that separates the Tajo de Ronda, whose depth reaches 100 meters.

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