The 8 Most Beautiful Places In Belgium

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Beer, chocolates and canals are some of the words that can characterize this beautiful European country. The historical, cultural and artistic richness of Belgium really has no comparison. There are thousands of reasons to visit. In this article we tell you which are the most beautiful place in Belgium so that you make the decision to travel as soon as possible.

Belgium, that great unknown

It is not part of the typical routes through Europe although it is in the middle of Germany and France and it has a great infrastructure of transport and services. Undoubtedly her neighbors eclipse a little because they know that just out of the dark everyone will want to go and visit her.

Belgium perfectly combines modernity in its cities like Brussels and Antwerp with the tradition of Wallonia and Flanders. A country for all tastes. The places you cannot miss are:

 Ghent1. Ghent

Emperor Charles I’s birthplace has an impressive architecture, from which stands the Graslei Pier (perfect for watching sunrise or sunset). Culture is present at every step thanks to its museums, parties and concerts, as well as its university and youth atmosphere that makes it so special.

Citadel Park and its icy lakes, St. Bavo Cathedral and Belfort Tower are just a few of the attractions. Do not miss out on the weekend markets or enjoy the nightlife.

Bruges2. Bruges

Are you looking for story landscapes (but not horror, even if it bears that name)? The scenes of this beautiful little town will powerfully draw your attention. The casitas in front of the canals give that picturesque touch that so much we like the travelers. The Belfry tower is the best spot to have a panoramic view of Bruges and fascinate you with everything you see.

 Dinant3. Dinant

This locality on the banks of the homonymous river is in the center of the Namour region. The so-called “Daughter of Mosa” was the birthplace of the saxophone’s creator (Adolphe Sax). The citadel with its 400 steps is one of the magic points of Dinant , where you can also enjoy the beautiful collegiate church of Notre Dame.

In addition to the outdoor attractions in this city you can also visit underground beauty like the cave of the Merveilleuse.

Damme4. Damme

Its old quarter, national artistic heritage, offers us the beautiful canal of Damse Vaart. Being close to Bruges could be said to be a must stop for our trip to Belgium.

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This village surrounded by forests and prairies with ancient mills will make you excited. His landscapes are truly amazing.

Ostende5. Ostende

Perhaps you are one of those who loves going to the beach during your vacation, then Ostend is perfect for you. It has places to eat seafood and mussels while you feel the sea breeze in your face and you see how the seagulls fight for the remains of the fish.

There was born the painter James Ensor and his house can be visited (it is a museum). It also has a casino and unforgettable sunsets.

Leuven6. Leuven

It has a very important university tradition and you will fall in love when you arrive. Are you looking for quiet walks, lots of culture and a bit of partying at night? Then visit Leuven! The Catholic University Library is a place you cannot miss. At any time of the day you can enjoy a Estella Artrois, the native beer.

Oudenaarde7. Oudenaarde

It is ideal for cyclists (not only professionals) because it offers several milestones of the Tour de Flandes. The essential of your visit to Oudenaarde are the Muur de Geraardsbergen, the Koppenberg and the Centrum Ronde van Vlaanderen (dedicated to cycling competitions).

The town where one of the daughters of Emperor Charles V was born has a vintage celebration that is worth witnessing.

Durbuy8. Durbuy

This medieval village with its cobbled streets and old buildings will be engraved in your mind and in your heart. It was founded in the 17th century but has a castle built 600 years earlier.

Topiaria Park, on the banks of the river Ourhhe is perfect for relaxing and visiting its extensive gardens. Besides, you cannot leave without trying a craft beer and know the homemade process to elaborate it. And if you like sweets … go to the jam’s factory!

What are you waiting for to organize your trip in Belgium? Thousands of adventures will be waiting for you. Let you be astonished by its beauty and have the honor of having traveled a wonderful country.

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