The Best Tips for Freezing Your Food

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Freezing food is a great way to store it. Whether you have an upright or a chest freezer, the principles of freezing successfully remain the same.

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There is often some confusion over how you freeze food, and these top tips will reduce waste and ensure that you get the most from you freezer and the food you are freezing!

Refreeze Rules

It is essential that you do not defrost food and then refreeze it. This can cause bacteria to multiply quickly and cause food to go bad. You can refreeze food if you cook it before you freeze it again. During cooking, the bacteria is killed off, so you can safely refreeze with no risk of poisoning.

Cool Down

Before you freeze foods, it’s a great idea to let them cool down. If you freeze food while it is hot, it can affect the temperature of the freezer, and it could potentially cause other foods in there to defrost and refreeze, making them toxic.

Fill It Up

A full freezer is far more economical to run because the cold air doesn’t need to circulate through empty spaces. Solid door refrigeration such as the units available at may be energy-efficient, but keeping these units full is just as important as keeping your upright freezer fuller rather than emptier.

Wrap Up

Before you freeze food, make sure it’s wrapped up properly. A freezer-safe container can prevent food from getting freezer burn, and cling wrap and other sealing options can ensure that ice crystals don’t develop in frozen items. If you prefer, you can also freeze portions so you don’t have to defrost a huge amount of food at once. By storing food properly, you can also keep it for far longer.

Keep it Fresh

If you’re in doubt as to whether food is fresh or you think it has thawed out and doesn’t smell right, it is better to throw it out. Sometimes freezer temperatures may fluctuate, you may have had a power outage you are not aware of, or the food simply wasn’t suitable for freezing and has gone off. Additionally, it’s never a good idea to freeze old food; it won’t make it any fresher when it is defrosted, and the aim of freezing is to make sure food stays at its prime!

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