The main mistakes that get made when installing flooring

Installing a new floor is a great way to enhance a room, but there are a few mistakes that are often made, which could cost you money to rectify.


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New flooring, including vinyl flooring, is a great way to transform your home. It can add luxury and lift the appearance of any room. Many flooring options are very durable and come in different patterns and textures, but some types of flooring are more suited to different areas of the home than others.

Using the wrong flooring for your home

It is important to determine the type of flooring that is suitable for your home. Vinyl is a popular choice because it can be used in practically any room, is easy to clean and incredibly versatile. When choosing a flooring type for installation, it is always a good idea to consider certain factors such as traffic, pets and children.

You should always assess whether the type of floor you choose will stand up to the wear and tear it’s likely to receive. Another important point to consider is whether it is easy to clean. Many people opt for vinyl flooring because it is simple to clean and maintain. It’s also easy to install – perfect for a DIY project. Good Housekeeping offers great advice for choosing your new floor.

Poor Maintenance

There are many different types of flooring, and many can be seen online, at sites like UK Flooring Direct ( However, if you fail to maintain your newly installed floor, you could end up with a floor which has a much shorter shelf life. Floors should be swept regularly to avoid dust building up. You should clean it regularly to keep it properly maintained.

Using the wrong cleaning methods & products

Certain floors should be cleaned in a particular way, and that means that you may need to use special cleaning products which have been specifically made for the floor. Failing to use the correct cleaning methods and products can contribute to deterioration and unnecessary damage.

Provided you properly assess the suitability of a floor for your home and maintain it properly, your new floor should be enjoyed for years to come. Many people make the mistake of not properly assessing whether a floor is suitable prior to installation, and not maintaining it adequately.

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