The Squats: Exercise And Improve Your Imc

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The Squats Exercise And Improve Your Imc

In a gym or outdoors, squats are a very complete exercise, in which different muscle groups of the body are involved. The adductors, buttocks, twins, quadriceps and lower back are some of the areas that we strengthen when practicing this simple movement. Squats, long-term and with a correct position, will be responsible for an increase in muscle mass and reduction of body fat thanks to energy expenditure.

We are faced with an exercise that can help us to be fit. Today we tell you how to do squats and their benefits for our body. Calculate your im and do it again in a few months to discover the effect of physical exercise and healthy habits of life in our body.

The Squats Exercise And Improve Your ImcThe technique and position to do squats

In order to avoid injury, it is important to run the exercise correctly. Positioning and technique is also important to get all the benefits of squats.

First, position the legs apart, placing each foot in parallel with the shoulders. Looking ahead, we should flex the legs, lowering the buttocks until they are close to the ground, keeping the soles of the feet without lifting. As we descend, the back should be straight and the knees and hip flexed. If the movement is well executed, the knees should not protrude beyond the tip of the feet and the knee flexion should not determine an angle of less than 90 degrees between the thighs and lower legs. From this same position, we rise slowly to descend again.

How to know if we have done the exercise correctly? The test is simple; we should note the strength in our gluts and in the muscles of the legs. On the other hand, the weight should fall on our heels and not on the tip of the foot.

The Squats Exercise And Improve Your ImcThe Benefits of Squatting

It strengthens the muscles: the movement is perfect for strengthening the legs but it does work great part of the muscles of the whole body. You are facing the ideal exercise to increase muscle mass in a healthy way.

Fat Burning: Exercise causes us to spend calories, so, along with a proper diet; fats will lose their presence in our body. This and other exercises, along with a varied and balanced diet can be part of a healthy lifestyle.

The Squats Exercise And Improve Your ImcImproved mobility and balance: when we put the movement of the squat into practice, we put the legs and muscles of the trunk as abdominal and lumbar muscles in order to maintain balance.

Toning and posture: the movement influences the abdominal area but also affects the spinal area, so our back also benefits.

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Facilitates daily activities: Functional exercises are those that reinforce the parts of the body that we commonly use in our daily activities. Squats are one of the oldest and most effective functional exercises, because of the amount of muscles that are involved.The Squats Exercise And Improve Your Imc

After the analysis and correct execution of the squats periodically, you only have to check the effects it has on your body. Along with other types of exercises and a proper diet you can see how your Body Mass Index (BMI) is reduced. A complete and healthy exercise? Include squats in your routine exercises.

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