Three Important Tips for Choosing the Best Party Venue

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All parties should be fun for invitees and their guests, but many hosts choose venues that fail to provide the highest level of enjoyment possible. A host sometimes doesn’t plan enough and/or fails to match their party crowd with the right kind of venue. No matter the type of party you’re planning, these tips can help make any party more pleasurable for everyone:

Confirm the Size of Your Guest List

This might seem like a common sense tip, but many party planners find a location that they love, schedule the date and then try everything they can to make it work with a sudden number of guests on the day of the party that are over the permitted safety capacity for that spot. To come up with a more accurate estimate, always confirm via RSVP invitations the number of party-goers and the number of guests they plan to bring with them and add at least one extra estimated guest space to every name. Once you have that number, consider a more intimate bar, restaurant or bowling alley for small- and medium-sized groups. For large parties, look at larger family entertainment centers, hotel party spaces and rental halls.

Ask Party-Goers to Define “Fun”

Many party planners and hosts find out that the majority of people hated their parties because their venues didn’t match the party-goers’ definitions of “fun.” You can’t please everyone, but if you’re trying to pick a venue for a business team-building party, for example, your co-workers might not consider an office conference room where the party consists of only work dress, generic music and dessert much fun. By asking for recommendations, you can narrow down your list of venues to something that most of the invitees will enjoy. One example: A scavenger hunt at mall with gift card prizes for local shops followed by dinner at a restaurant or even a camping party on a beach might go over better.

Choose Venues That Cater to Everyone

Some party venues, such as some small amusement parks and family entertainment centers, cater more to children than adults. As a result, these venues fail to provide enough ways for parents to enjoy time away from their children or singles and couples who have no children to enjoy themselves without other people’s kids underfoot. If you need a spot that offers entertainment with adult party-goers in mind, check out a local venue that provides separate kid and adult programs. A party venue like Andy B’s, for example, offers plenty of kid- and family-oriented entertainment while also providing a “Bowler’s Room” specifically designed to create a fun “adult” atmosphere that includes bowling, dance music, restaurant-quality food, a wait staff and stocked bar. Adults can even arrange an adults-only laser tag game in a special underground, mine-inspired arena.

You can host a party that the majority of party-goers will remember as a positive and fun experience. To select the best venue, you only need to plan far enough in advance and follow these three tips.

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