Vienna, The City With The Highest Quality Of Life In The World

Vienna, The City With The Highest Quality Of Life In The World

Everyone knows, or at least imagines: the capital of Austria is a fantastic destination for a vacation or a tourist getaway. But not only is it attractive for its monuments, its intense cultural life or its leisure offer, it is also extremely interesting to live. And not only that. Once again, the Mercer agency has cataloged Vienna in 2017 as the city with the highest quality of life on the planet.

Vienna, The City With The Highest Quality Of Life In The WorldVienna, again the best

We say again, because it is the seventh time, and also consecutive, that the capital of Austria is classified as the city with the highest quality of life. And it has been chosen from among 230 cities in the world that enter this survey, which is prepared annually by the Mercer Company.

For this, different values ​​that directly affect the lives of its citizens are taken into account. For example, the social climate, economic levels and the political environment are taken into account as general guidelines. But also the existing health care is studied, as well as the possibilities for training at all levels.

On the other hand, other practical issues are also studied, such as the public transport network, energy, light and water supplies, and the quantity and quality of the infrastructures. In short, all these factors are analyzed and, although of course Vienna does not win at all, its average is higher than that of any other city in the world.

Vienna, The City With The Highest Quality Of Life In The WorldGet to know Vienna

To enjoy this great quality of life, one would have to live in Vienna. We are not going to tell you to do it (or not, be yourself). But we invite you to travel at least as a tourist and, of course, the longer the stay, the more opportunities you will have to discover all those high levels of life.

Of course, the city has enough attractions to spend a season. Of course, the quality of life is paid, and certainly Vienna is an expensive destination.

However, it may be worth the disbursement to discover incredible places such as the various palaces inherited from Imperial Austria. Of course the palaces of Schöbrunn, Belvedere or Hofburg will leave you speechless, as will the elegant walk along the stately Ringstrasse.

Vienna, The City With The Highest Quality Of Life In The WorldIn addition, Vienna is one of the cradles of modernist art  and several of its buildings and museums are reminiscent of one of its most famous artists: Gustav Klimt. A plastic artist, but the great kings of the arts in the country are the musicians, and the concert halls of classical music are first class international, and if not remember where the Vienna Philharmonic plays each New Year’s day.

There is much more in terms of heritage; also in terms of fun, like the old Prater Amusement Park; or in terms of nightlife, with concert halls, now of contemporary music that will surprise you.

Add to that strolls along the banks of an immense Danube, churches as beautiful as San Carlos Borromeo or the Cathedral of San Esteban and exhibitions as sweet as the one you taste at the Chocolate Museum.

Vienna, The City With The Highest Quality Of Life In The WorldOther cities with great quality of life

All these tourist attractions do not show us the quality of life of the city, but in hotels, cafes , walks or public transport we are aware that Vienna is a good place to live. Of course, as long as one adapts to local customs, in terms of behavior, schedules, cuisine, climate, etc. …

Actually, adaptation is required in any place, because if not, we will not live at ease for the quality of life that the place has. So we are going to name other cities that also appear in the highest positions of that list of “paradisiacal” cities.

For example, practically in the Top 10 all are European cities: Zurich (2) and Geneva (8) in Switzerland; Munich (4), Dusseldorf (6) and Frankfurt (7) in Germany, and Copenhagen (9) in Denmark. While the New Zealand city of Auckland is considered the third city with the highest quality of life, and the Australian Sydney, the 10th.

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