What Are Landing Pages And Why They Are Important To Your Business

What Are Landing Pages And Why They Are Important To Your Business

While in America there is already a lot of material available on how to attract visitors to the site (blog, social media, Email Marketing, AdWords, SEO etc.), Conversion is one of the subjects less treated by Digital Marketing professionals here.

Many companies simply throw money away because they do not work that way right. You spend a lot of resources to bring potential customers to the company website and after that, only a very low portion of these visitors ends up becoming customers indeed.

One of the big reasons for this to happen is the lack of good use of conversion pages. In this post, we will explain what these conversion pages are and why they can make a big difference in the results obtained with Digital Marketing.What Are Landing Pages And Why They Are Important To Your Business

What is Conversion?

Before we get into the pages themselves, we have to first define what Conversion is. The most generic definition of the term is “to make the user of your site fulfill a certain action that has measurable value for your business.”

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Here in Digital Results, we like to use a simpler and more straightforward definition: “Conversion is turning a visitor into a business opportunity.”

Essentially, there are two possible Conversion types in a site:

Direct: When the visitor to your site responds to a product/service offer and takes a concrete action towards the purchase. Examples: purchase of a product on an e-commerce site, request a quote via the form on the site, reservation of a service’s timetable for the site, signature/registration of a Web product, connection to the company’s sales center, among others.

– Indirect: When the visitor provides some personal information (eg name, email, telephone, company etc.) in exchange for an offer of free content or service. This type of conversion is much smoother and, although it does not generate immediate results, it works to retain those people who are not yet ready to buy your product/service but who may become customers later.What Are Landing Pages And Why They Are Important To Your Business

What are conversion pages

Conversion Pages, from the English term Landing Pages, are pages designed for your website with the well-defined goal of producing a desired Conversion for your business.

These pages generally contain far fewer elements and links than the home page of a normal site. This is done purposefully: Once you’ve successfully brought a visitor to a conversion page, your only goal with it should be to achieve Conversion.

For example, on this Digital Result eBook conversion page, our sole purpose is for the visitor to provide their contact information in return for the free download of the eBook. As I mentioned above, this is an Indirect Conversion.

Another example of a conversion page, this time from Peixe Urbano. Note that unless the user moves the scroll bar down, no link other than the email and city and button fields appears. This prevents the user from distracting and diverting from the main purpose, which is the registration on the site.What Are Landing Pages And Why They Are Important To Your Business

Why are conversion pages important?

This answer is simple: results! An important metric of any site is the Conversion Rate. Mathematically, this is the formula for calculating this rate:

Well-crafted conversion pages allow you to have a much higher conversion rate than on a normal website. Cases, where you can optimize the conversion rate to 5 or 10 times, are not uncommon.

For example, imagine that you are spending a certain amount of money on ads in AdWords, and for every 100 visitors you take to your site, only 1 of them does the desired action (for example, buying the product). This represents an overall conversion rate of 1%.

Now imagine that with a well-optimized conversion page you can increase this number to 3 conversions per 100 visits (3% overall conversion rate).  That means two things: either you can now reduce your ad spend by 66% to generate the same sales result or you can increase your sales by 200% with the same advertising spend on that channel.

Knowing how to make and optimize conversion pages is one of the things that can give the most results to your business in the short term.

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