What Are The Main Mobile Operating Systems?

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What Are The Main Mobile Operating Systems?

The apps free or priced are sheltered in the space provided by mobile operating systems, in which the great dominators of the market today are iOS and Android. Between them they dominate most studies of market share with figures as overwhelming as between 85% and 90%.

What Are The Main Mobile Operating Systems?This mastery of the market is not the result of a coincidence since it is years that both systems are struggling between them. At the moment, the number one is to our humble opinion, Android. There are reasons for this. It is practically adaptable to all types of devices; it is modifiable and upgradeable, accepts any application (something very important), uses any operator, is customizable and has multitasking capability. Another plus in favor of Android is the incredible confidence it is getting from manufacturers. Thanks to this, the offer of Android phones is wide and the offer is varied both in brands and prices. Any company that wants to create an application has in this mobile operator a great and competent ally.

What Are The Main Mobile Operating Systems?IOS-7-logoOn the other hand, we have the Apple iOS (whose latest version, iOS 7, should be released in the coming months). This is the soul of the terminal that changed everything in 2007: the iPhone. Although Apple certainly did not invent the smartphone, neither the application stores nor the tactile devices, but it was the company that practically forced us to put a smartphone in our pocket, even if this one is another brand, if we did not want to stay behind. It has several very positive points like good design, functionality, ease of use and a variety of applications and huge games that make it a benchmark. Its seamless integration with cloud services and desktops, especially Mac, is another of its strengths. Your email, your social networks … you can always be connected.

What Are The Main Mobile Operating Systems?Blackberry-osThe third place is disputed the systems BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone although with different trends. The first is a multitasking operating system (OS) designed exclusively for the BlackBerry, which allows intensive use of the input devices available on phones. Perfect for email use, Blackberry also features security features and QWERTY keyboards that, in the style of a PC keyboard, allow for very fast typing. The second, Windows Mobile, is a compact mobile operating system developed by Microsoft, and designed for use on smartphones and other mobile devices. It has a modern design, practical, attractive and with innovative features has already surprised more than one. With a large investment by the multinational, it has been designed to compete with the largest.

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