What Is Candidiasis And How To Fight It

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What Is Candidiasis And How To Fight It

Candidiasis is caused by a group of infections caused by a fungus that gets to have gastrointestinal, cutaneous, and genital and respiratory system expression. It can be said that it is the main cause of vaginal fungi or vaginitis. Throughout their life they get to experience one of every four women.

What Is Candidiasis And How To Fight ItWhat is candidiasis and how to fight it?

Those suffering from chronic candidiasis end up having the following symptoms: vaginal discomfort (urinary tract infection, irritation, ulcers, itching, cystitis, etc.), headache, tiredness, depression, mood swings, malaise, fluid retention or joint pain, among other things.

What Is Candidiasis And How To Fight ItIt is quite frequent that the candidiasis is extended for several years, mainly because we go to the doctor and approach the symptoms of individual way, when the problem with time ends up affecting almost the whole organism.

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It is necessary to say that in men this disease receives the name of balanitis and that also can be located in the interior of the mouth or the corners of the lips.

What Is Candidiasis And How To Fight ItTo combat the effects of candidiasis it is recommended first to put it in the hands of a doctor, who through a culture of the vagina and a sample should confirm if in fact how many with this fungus. Never self-medicate and always visit a professional to determine the type of treatment to stop candidiasis. With the tests that you do also it is important that other infections such as chlamydia, bacterial vaginosis or trichomoniasis, which have very similar symptoms, are ruled out.

What Is Candidiasis And How To Fight ItThey will usually advise you to use antifungal drugs that will take care of slowing the progression of Candida throughout the body. The medications you are given may be taken orally or locally over the affected area of ​​the vagina. In case the first option will be pills or capsules, while locally they may be creams that extend through the vulva or eggs that are introduced into the vagina.

In order for the infection to heal, the treatment must be completed and the instructions in the package leaflet carefully read.

It may also be the case that the patient does not respond well to treatment. That would lead us to consult again with the doctor and chances are that we will bet on another option to end the infection forever. It may be consuming a drug for two weeks or other intensive oral medication. However, the best way to avoid this infection is prevention.

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