What Qualifications Are Needed for an Executive Level Position?

Businesses generally already have the ideal candidate in mind for an executive position before they ever begin the search. What is it they are looking for? Below are a few of the important factors that help guide their decision-making for candidates.

Proven Leadership Skills

Any candidate that is being seriously considered for an executive position must have proven leadership skills. This often is shown in the work history, as well as any clubs and organizations you have belonged to. The more you can demonstrate that you have held positions of responsibility and authority, the better your chances are of securing an executive position.


A college education is a big deal in the high-powered world of business executives. You will rarely find a person in authoritative business positions that do not have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Liberal Arts or Economics. More than the education, a company is looking at the fact there was a firm commitment to goals and you invested in your future. Those are all a big plus in the world of business.

Experience in Positions of Responsibility

There is no way you can land the position of CEO of a company without having first held other positions of responsibility in your career. It is important to place an emphasis on these types of positions on your resume. Clearly define what your overall responsibilities were and how well you carried out your duties. Climbing the executive ladder is not something that happens overnight. It is expected that even the best executives go up in stages. Do not expect the moon and stars with your first or second position.

Salary History

Having a history of earning an ever-increasing salary looks attractive to companies. It shows that other businesses recognized improvement in your performance. Only having hourly wage jobs and salaries that are all over the map will make some employers back away. They are looking for career minded individuals that place real value on their worth. Stability and increasing salaries are key factors to many executive recruiters and companies alike.

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