Why It Is Important To Use Internal Links In Posts

Why It Is Important To Use Internal Links In Posts

Readers of the Digital Results blog should have noticed that we always use several links throughout our posts. This is a practice we strongly recommend and not every business end up doing.

Here are the reasons why you should be aware of this:

Enhance search engines with the relation of the linked page with chosen keywords.

When I use the Digital Marketing Blog link, I’m putting a label for Google that, if someone searches for “Digital Marketing Blog,” that’s the page we recommend.Why It Is Important To Use Internal Links In Posts

If your company has already assembled the list of business-related keywords, you can start choosing some keywords and then try to use the internal links to help with optimization.

Keep in mind that internal links do not transfer a lot of extra authority to the page, but they help Google identify the contexts in which that page fits.

Balancing the level of readers’ knowledge

There are readers who are just starting out on the subject of the post while others already master all the concepts.

Those considered more experienced will bother a lot if you have to at all-time fill your content with basics.

So a good way out is to use the links in the most advanced terms. If the reader is a beginner, you can click and learn more in a post dedicated to the subject. Already the most advanced readers will not have to go through a series of information that they are already tired of knowing.Why It Is Important To Use Internal Links In Posts

“Extend” old content

Lots of people dropped on your site from search tools or started tracking your company on social media just recently.

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Your old content may be of great value to these people. The only problem is that rarely will they search the files themselves.

Indicating this content as a link during a post will catch the attention of your new readers if the topic is of interest to them.Why It Is Important To Use Internal Links In Posts

If you take advantage of who copies your text

Finally, a more unusual reason. Any person or company producing reference content must have already gone through this situation. Here in Digital Results happens frequently of companies copy our posts in full without indicating a link or even the authorship.Why It Is Important To Use Internal Links In Posts

However, when text is stuffed with internal links that give meaning to content, those links end up being published as well. Including, that’s where the balcony comes in: external links (coming from other sites) with the keyword you want are very powerful in positioning your company in the search tools. (As an example, it is worth checking out this post from Master SEO about how the anchor text of an external link helps in ranking)

That way the “copies” will help your business gain good positions in search engines for key business-related keywords.

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