Why teenagers love this Purple Drank Sizzurp?

Purple Drank is a great creation of beverage for the teenager. It was first tried in some part of the southern states in hip-hop communities.  They have been consumed as a most anticipated liquor from the very beginning among the rap musicians. This wonderful lean drink is mostly a mixer of certain household ingredients. Basically, the drink has three main ingredients. You can add more ingredients if want to give it more flavors and bringing a little twist in the classic formula by adding vodka or ram in the drink. Now lots of its user also loves to add some hard alcoholic beverage in it.

Well, let’s back to our previous points. Its three main components are Cough syrup, clear soda (Sprite) and sweet candy (Jolly Rancher will do it).

You must use the Cough syrup that has Codeine and Promethazine to give our drink a better result.  The second most used ingredient is soft soda such as Sprite (as they are mostly used). If you want to follow the basic original formula, then you must ensure the key aspect (Codeine and Promethazine) to your Purple Drank.  Maximum 8 oz. of cough syrup is recommended for your sizzurp drink.  Take it in the cup and start mixing with sprite. To bring sweetened taste and the most anticipated color of pink, add one or two Jolly Rancher candies especially pink one into the combo mix. To get a better-chilled drink, you can add ice cubes in your cup.

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Purple Drank has so many names. sizzurp is one of them and it has an extraordinary power to grab the consumers. And only because of this extraordinary power, the Purple Drank has won the heart of millions of crazy sizzurp lovers every corner of the globe. People get crazy about it, especially youth. As being natural curious youths are always loved to explore something new. As the purple drink has huge promotional coverage all over the internet and digital media,  it’s obvious to get a huge youth involvement in here. The reason behind this is 2/3 of the internet users are a teenager. As they promote Purple Drank as a narcotic fun kind of drink which gives its user an extreme drowsy feeling and mostly that feeling is quite euphoric. Purple Drank must have to get the following to become authentic. All because of the cough syrup that has some very active component such as Promethazine and Codeine.  Promethazine and Codeine are proven seductive components. They will give the drinks some sort of lean effect. From the very beginning, its creator has been added the jolly rancher candy to enhance its sweetened flavor and to give the beverage its most anticipated Purple color. Purple Drank will consider as lean as long as the recipe contains the perfect combination of cough syrup, soda, and candy. If you put the extra amount of ingredients, your drink will be strong and I recommend you be very careful before doing that. As you have prepared your sizzurp, it’s time to have your first sip. Enjoy!!!

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