Workout and sauna: A wellness program that makes your gym a real professional spa

Fitness experts and regular gym-goers divided into two main groups: on one side those who make sport their own philosophy of life, that is, those who train all year, and basically have fun in the gym, and the other those who see the gym as a bitter pill to swallow. That is, those who undergo frantic sessions only in spring and only because terrorized by the famous “dress rehearsal”.

In fact, often it is used to consider these places as niche areas, frequented mostly by women by steel buttocks and men of a turtle! Moreover, how not to feel inadequate in the face of such perfection! For some time the most modern gyms are trying to overcome this stereotype, presenting itself not as promoters of fitness, but more and more wellness.

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As moving means get better, get rid of stress, like each other more and consequently eat better. the gym is no longer the place where you find it hard, but the world in which one finds oneself, and we take care of ourselves. For this reason, more and more gyms, swimming pools and sports centers fitted internally of a professional spa, a sauna, Turkish bath, and relaxation area , and more are those who advise a relaxing session after ‘physical activity, almost as if the welfare time was part to all the effects of the “wellness program.”


Many people are the benefits of the sauna, especially if practiced after physical activities and even sports doctors will recommend the use twice a week as an essential training tool.

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The main effect is to promote a rapid recovery and speed up the disposal of lactic acid. In fact, it is known that the muscular effort of the slag leaves the body, the presence of which often manifests itself with the characteristic muscle pain: the session in the sauna is able to quickly eliminate and in the best conditions the slag, improving peripheral circulation and causing a sedative effect on the nervous system. The enveloping warmth of the sauna relaxes the muscles and joints.

Moreover, the beneficial effects of the sauna are also involved in the heart, circulation of the skin and breathing, the whole body is affected, therefore positively of these effects that make it more energetic and active.

Before entering the sauna, especially after the physical activity, it should first respect their recovery times, waiting at least 15 minutes before the end of’ training, or even more if the effort has been very intense. During this time of detachment, it is very important to drink lots of water or herbal tea, to avoid dehydration of the body and replenish fluids lost during the ‘training.

Precisely for this, gyms and sports centers with sauna and Turkish bath should always be equipped with a special room to relax, perhaps equipped with beds or chairs where you can be lulled by the gentle light or the pleasure of music, maybe sipping herbal tea or hot tea.

Equally important before undergoing the heat bath is take a cold shower, to have a clean skin and ready to eliminate toxins and uric acid, and also because in the ‘hygiene sauna is very important.

Once again it would be, planning a spa sports center, there are dedicated showers all relaxation area, so you can repeat the relaxing sauna-shower-cycle without straying from relaxing atmosphere of the spa itself. After the heat bath, you can, of course, continue to relax at will.

It is always proposed to cutting-edge solutions to make the most of the space dedicated to spa, saunas and steam rooms for gyms, for hotels and tourist structures, cruise ship or private yacht and invite technical designers to make contact with its staff.

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