Podcast: Everything You Need To Know For Your Digital Strategy

Podcast Everything You Need To Know For Your Digital Strategy

Have you ever dreamed of having your own radio show? Decades ago, you would have needed many connections – or a fortune – to be heard.

But now, thanks to the Internet and its instant connection to millions of people, your goals can become reality. Like blogs, podcasts have allowed almost anyone with a computer to become a reporter.

What is a Podcast?

Before entering the subject we have to first understand the definition of Podcast. Podcast is an audio program, usually spreads through a series of episodes, which can be downloaded from the Internet and listened to on a computer or an MP3 player. The term, which was invented in 2004, is a mix between ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcast’.

It is a very democratic medium because anyone with a computer can make a podcast, however, thanks to this, at first the quality of the programs was not the best. Nowadays, great magazines and blogs have been developed that distribute podcasts of excellent quality.

Podcast Everything You Need To Know For Your Digital StrategyWhat does it take to make a Podcast?

Technically speaking, the only thing that is needed to make a podcast is a good microphone, a silent place to record, a computer with a recording program and an editing one. Thanks to mobile technology, many people are even taking advantage of smartphones, which are increasingly improved to use them as a recording resource. The technical part is very simple to solve, the real difficulty is when it comes to thinking what you are going to say and how you are going to do it.

If you want your podcast to be popular among your followers and have continuity over time, the theme should be something that motivates you, that has a lot of fabric to cut and above all that fits the audience you want to attract. Therefore, as with any marketing experiment that you wish to undertake, it is necessary to follow some fundamental steps:

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Define who your podcast is headed for

What are the preferences of that audience? What do they expect to hear?

How do I want to be perceived? Do I want the tone of the podcast to be funny, ironic, satirical…?

Once you have clear the previous points you should start to investigate and develop the script for your next speech. We recommend structuring the skeleton of the episodes, it is always good to have a reference of what is going to be said in the next edition so that you have the clearest way and you know where your podcast is going.

Podcast in Business Time

The range of topics is infinite; however the podcast has gradually become a tool that can make a difference in the marketing strategies of many businesses, not just digital ones.

In the business world there are many different marketing areas that can be used to help increase overall profits and revenues. From advertising, content marketing and video marketing, however, very few understand and take advantage of what a podcast can do for your business. The podcast, when used correctly, can have important effects on your business. This is the reason why some marketing strategies are beginning to incorporate podcasting into their overall plan.

Podcast Everything You Need To Know For Your Digital StrategyAdvantages of using the Podcast as a marketing tool

Brand exhibition

You are an expert in what you do and you know how to do it, so what better topic for your next podcast than talking about your own experience. This will not only boost your brand exposure, but it will help you generate engagement.

You will start the conversation

Having a website with your podcast episodes can be the basis for social actions and comments.

It is incredibly gratifying to hear strangers say that they got a benefit from your program and your guests. And you never know when that will lead to a new business relationship.


Like any other marketing strategy, you have to see your general budget. Fortunately, podcasts offer something that many other marketing solutions do not offer and that is affordability. Podcasts tend to be more affordable than other marketing strategies because they are easy to create. Computer, microphone, speaker, and interesting topic and you have in your hands a great podcast and marketing tool.

Podcast Everything You Need To Know For Your Digital StrategyEasy to distribute

They are easy to distribute among your audience. There are many websites on the Internet where you can distribute your podcast including iTunes. Depending on your business website, you can also place it as an easily downloadable audio file. Payment or free? Many people do not want to pay to listen to a podcast unless it is really useful. This is the reason why the creation of a free podcast can be the best option for your business. If you decide that you are going to charge for it, you have to be sure that your audience is willing to pay for it. Do not waste the potential of a podcast trying to monetize the download of it.

Online Marketing Podcast

Are you applying content marketing strategies? If the answer is yes, it’s time for you to start converting your content into online marketing podcasts.

Podcasts allow us as a company to humanize what we do. The consumer’s journey is so fragmented nowadays that the blog is no longer enough, to create a video and to participate in social networks. You have to create experiences for the micro-moments that consumers have every day.

When subscriptions are achieved in the podcasts, the subscribers are gold. If the content interests you, they will continue to listen to you within your daily routine. Tools like iTunes automatically download the new chapters once they are loaded to the devices of each of the subscribers, so the diffusion is very simple once you have managed to add subscribers.

Podcasts help us reach people in a more personal way. I’m on their headphones while they’re in the gym, or talking to them while driving home from work. This undoubtedly makes them a key tool for those engaged in marketing.

Nowadays, it is harder than ever to reach people. The emails are left unread. Telephone calls are left unanswered. Websites are only visited when interesting links are shared on social networks.

It’s not surprising then why podcasts have taken off and are such a useful tool . By harnessing the power of podcasting your business can not only increase your brand exposure, but also generate more sales and followers. Although it’s easy, it’s an art to strike a balance between the perfect theme and the content. So are you evaluating incorporating podcasting into your business marketing strategy or plan? Do you already know what you’re going to talk about? Share your impressions and leave your comment.

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