10 Reasons Why You Get Fat Without Realizing It

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10 Reasons Why You Get Fat Without Realizing It

You try to take care of yourself and eat in an orderly way, you do some exercise but you cannot lose weight, you even get a little fatter every year. In Coherent Diet we want to give you 10 reasons why you fatten without realizing so that you put remedy and get slim in a healthy and balanced.

Identifying the reasons why you are fattening will help you to remedy and get lose weight in a healthy and balanced way with consistent diet.

10 Reasons Why You Get Fat Without Realizing It10 reasons why you get fat

  1. Do not do the 5 meals you skip mid-morning and mid-afternoon: The body needs to be nourished every 3-5 hours. When you eat 5 times a day your body feels satiated and will not get you to food or dinner with a voracious hunger. It is proven that fasting fattening the same as a pasta dish, since the next meal the body will use the calories more efficiently.
  2. You have stress and / or anxiety left over: They are two enemies of the diet, they cause “emotional hunger” and make you consume junk food or very hypercaloric to calm your restlessness. On the other hand, they activate insulin, that is, they favor that your body accumulate more fat and that your deposits do not burn (inhibit lipolysis). This is one of the reasons you grow fat without realizing it. It is best to learn to relax or exercise to release endorphins.
  3. You cram into ‘light’ products with sweeteners: These products provide fewer calories, but the reaction of the body is the same, they activate the hormone insulin that favors the storage of food as fat. In addition light does not mean calorie-free, or that does not thicken, simply that they have fewer calories than normal ones.10 Reasons Why You Get Fat Without Realizing It
  4. Do not move: In addition to diet, you must follow an active lifestyle, does not mean that you note to a gym if you do not have time or you do not like. Walk, walk, ride a bike, climb the stairs on foot and do 5-10 minutes of muscle toning a  day, this will counteract one of the reasons you get fat.
  5. You sleep little: When you sleep badly or sleep your metabolism and your eating habits are altered. It converts calories into fat and appetite.
  6. You skip breakfast: When you wake up you must reactivate your metabolism and nothing better than a balanced (and salty) breakfast to start the day. It should contain protein, fat and carbohydrates and do not let more than an hour go by since you get up until breakfast.
  7. Eat distracted: In Coherent Diet we recommend that the moment of the meal should be special, you have to realize what you eat, enjoy it, savor it and be aware of every bite. If you are eating with the mobile, reading, watching TV, etc … will make your mind disperse and you are not really aware of what you have eaten. According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who eat distracted people usually eat up to 50% more calories.10 Reasons Why You Get Fat Without Realizing It
  8. Emotional appetite : Surely you’ve let yourself be carried away by the emotional hunger that comes suddenly and that makes you eat everything that falls into your hands. Then you feel so guilty that you decide not to dine with what adds the effects of hypercaloric food and prolonged fasting, a double fault. As if this were not enough, guilt generates stress that also stimulates insulin and fat storage, getting you into a vicious circle.
  9. Do not drink enough water : Your body accumulates toxins that must be expelled by the urine, feces, skin or through breathing. Drinking water or infusions is a habit to practice. Curiously, the more you drink the more thirst you have, since the body easily becomes accustomed to good habits and likes to be hydrated.
  10. Comes night : It is a very common habit, just before going to bed drink sweet or hot, such as chocolate, biscuits, milk … It’s better to take something salty like lean cold cuts with a fruit or a slice of bread, lower glycemic load.10 Reasons Why You Get Fat Without Realizing It

If you have any doubts about how your diet should lose weight online and what habits you must modify, you can leave a comment and our Online Nutritionist will help you. Remember to eat varied, take advantage of seasonal products, as they are full of nutrients and at a great price. So your diet will be healthy and balanced.

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