4 Rituals At The Wedding

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4 Rituals at the Wedding

Some traditions around the edges continue. These are ingrained customs that date back to the Roman Empire and although they have lost much of their meaning, there are many brides who perform certain rituals. They are bridal traditions of a voluntary nature and, unlike how they were considered in the past; do not bring bad luck if they are not executed. Throwing the bridal bouquet or wearing a white dress is other examples of traditions that are much internalized at the time of marriage. Today we will focus on explaining the tradition that the bride takes the wedding day something blue, something new, something used and something borrowed.4 Rituals at the Wedding

1) Something blue: It is a custom whose origin we find in ancient Israel. Brides wore a blue band as a symbol of purity, love, and fidelity. Today it also continues with that meaning of faithfulness and lasting love. The blue touch now appears in a blue garter on the inside of the bride, and the most original wear this color on the bouquet or shoes.4 Rituals at the Wedding

2) Something new: It alludes to the fact that you start a life in marriage with your partner. It has always been said that it brings happiness and prosperity to marriage. Generally, the new is the dress of the bride.4 Rituals at the Wedding

3) Something used: Symbolizes the union with the previous, that is, the family and friendship bonds. It means that they do not break up and continue in this new married life. Some brides choose some element of clothing that their mothers or grandmothers used on their wedding day to have the same fate as they in their married lives. For example, gloves or a jewel.

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4) Something Borrowed: This tradition has its origin in the superstition of carrying something of someone who is happy in their marriage. It also means that the bride has the help of her family or friends whenever she needs it and as a sign of friendship she receives something borrowed from one of her closest beings. It is usually a handkerchief, a veil or a jewel.

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