7 Content Ideas To Attract Followers

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7 Content Ideas To Attract Followers

When you publish content about your company on social networks, do you notice that the interaction of your followers decreases? Instead, do you think that if you do not talk about your products you will not get customers?

It is true that many managers want to talk about their company on social networks constantly. However, you know that there is a maximum of content on social networks that you cannot lose sight of: if you only talk about your company, you bore your followers.

Talk about your sector, not your company

You can work the contents in very different ways so that your followers want to follow you on social networks. But you must think beyond to add value: focus on your sector, not your company. It is more than likely that your followers are curious or interested in what happens in a wider environment than your product or service. Your readers are interested to know what others say about what happens in your sector, compare different types of products, evaluate qualities … If you show knowledge in it, it will surely be easier for them to come to you when they have to make a purchase decision.

Even so, one of the most common mistakes that many companies make when they open an account on Facebook, on Twitter or on the platform where they want to have a presence, is that they talk almost exclusively about their products or services: they publish the news, they share photographs of their catalogs, uniquely and exclusively highlight elements that have to do with the products themselves, offers … This way of sharing content is counterproductive, even in the short term. Your followers want you to talk about issues that are useful to them.

But how to understand what does NOT interest your followers? If to know what you are interested in, you can ask them directly or do a good monitoring work, to know what they are not interested in, it works very well to identify with the user.

Put yourself in place

Something as “simple” as imagining yourself in the situation of a follower of yours, will help you understand what types of content your followers do not expect from you.

As you know your product and it will surely cost you to do the exercise with yourself, think of a totally different sector, a sector that interests you for any reason (because they talk about one of your hobbies, because you need to buy a certain product, because you want to fix something of the house …). Find a company that meets your requirements and observe it.

7 Content Ideas To Attract FollowersAsk yourself the following questions:

  • Are you interested in what you publish? Do you get hooked?
  • Why?
  • If the answer to the first question is “yes”, how do you think you could transfer that interest to your business?
  • If the answer is “no”, you will surely observe aspects such as the following:
  • They only publish in an automated way
  • No comments from users
  • If there are comments or questions, nobody answers them
  • Offers only appear
  • They publish with very little periodicity
  • It looks like a place to hang advertising
  • It looks like a product catalog
  • They have many users on Facebook but very little interaction or they seem to have bought followers on Twitter
  • You do not have the feeling that there is “life” behind the publications
  • If you do something of the indicated in the negative aspects, it is advisable that you reconsider and think about how to improve it.
  • So that you have some guidelines for creating “engaging” content, surely these 7 ideas will help you enrich your content and find a balance between what your bosses want and what your users expect.

# 1. Tell stories and curiosities

We like stories for people . As Glen Allsopp says in a wonderful post about the future of blogs , “in this social scenario, history now matters much more than the brand”. Do you want your brand to be known? Tell a story, your story!

Samsonite collects in a video the history of the company and the most significant launches of suitcases for the brand since its foundation. With this journey through their history they can explain the value of their brand: how they have been innovating for 100 years:

  • Bentley speaks instead of the commitment of a man, its founder, obsessed with creating the best car of its kind, and compares what made it great at the time with what remains today:
  • Since Facebook has changed the pages to the new Timeline, take advantage of the graphic history of the company can be an advantage to access the emotional part of users. Here are some examples of very good Timelines from Facebook that can give your ideas to improve yours.

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On the other hand, the stories have a magnificent effect because:

  • They are easy to remember
  • Reinforce the product in time
  • It is easy to transmit them

By nature, in addition, we are curious: explain curiosities that at the same time may be useful for your readers .

A culinary curiosity for fans of Gallina Blanca

7 Content Ideas To Attract Followers# 2. Update with last minute information

If something we look for in social media is to be updated. Your followers want to know what is happening right now in your sector , what has just changed, what launch you were waiting for, what is it for … and they want you to tell them.

You can do it in three ways:

Keep your followers up to date with events or fairs held in your sector . You can also inform them in real time about what new visions are being given when you attend an event

Share last minute information as soon as it appears on the network. Make a good selection of the news sources of your sector and tweet, retweet and publish in your networks aspects of interest for your readers

Go one step further. Take some time to investigate. Your readers will value your information even more if it really provides solutions. If a new tool comes out, try it, use it, and analyze what it’s useful for you, how it could be improved. Dedicate it two or three days, at least, and learn well its operation to be able to give your readers really useful ideas: what they can do with it, what they should not do and why. If you have a blog and write about it with some assiduity, your readers will know that you are not only a source of information, but also of “knowledge”, and they will take you as a reference in your sector. If you only dedicate yourself to sharing the information that comes from many ways, you will be losing an important part of the value that you could offer them with your knowledge.

# 3. Uses original photos and videos

Works the contents in a very visual way. “Content” is everything that can be useful to the user. Not everything should be texts. You can offer visual and audiovisual content that better capture the attention of your followers . On Facebook, for example, you will better position a photograph than a video, and a video better than a text . Mix types of content.

 The images and videos must be original both in the background and in the form:

  • Use royalty-free images or quote the source . If you have a blog and you need images , Flickr is a good place to find the right photographs. If not, you can also buy cheap images on pages like iStockphoto or Shutterstock
  • Share images or videos that draw attention , that have to do with your sector but with a point of “extravagance”, that make people want to comment and share them. And if they can be spontaneous images or videos of yours, much better . If Instagram allows you to personalize your photos to the maximum and with a lot of simplicity, Socialcam or Viddy will help you to spread with a special touch videos that you can upload with your mobile
  • Another thing you can do is create a board on Pinterest and hang all your products in that space so that your followers can access them visually.

# 4. Propose targeted contests

It is true that the contests will give you good results to increase the number of fans. But it is not about making offers just because, but to make them thinking very well why you do them and to whom they are directed.

Three tips :

  • Do not be constantly giving your followers , because that will make them get used to go through your networks just for your reward, not because they may be interested in your product
  • Consider the contests as a free possibility to publicize your products . Make them thinking about winning quality followers, and that they serve to start talking about your product
  • When you propose a contest, always think that the participation itself will be seen , that is, that people want to share your proposal among their friends because doing so will have more chances of winning the prize

Remember that on Facebook you have to do it with third-party tools or applications.

7 Content Ideas To Attract Followers# 5. Take content from relevant people

Select relevant people in your sector. Make lists of friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter, and create circles in Google+ separated by types of content in which are included the publications of those people.

Following relevant people can help you in 2 ways:

They can become very important “sources” of useful content for your users

  • You can create a strategic relationship for your business . If you share content that these people share, it is very likely that you will call their attention. Obviously, when you do, quote them, mention them or label them as you can (but have moderation). Not only will you be grateful to them for sharing interesting content, but you will also get to know and strengthen a relationship that in the future can be strategic.
  • Think that if you like others to interact with you, others also like you to do it with them. That is why it is so important to create a community towards your followers and another community towards your sources , which in a given moment will end up mixing.

# 6. Transmit moods in what you write

What they usually like most, in general, is to know that behind the publications of a company there is a person publishing, responding. You can present yourself in a variety of ways, but if you hide behind a company logo, let them know who is behind:

Twitter: Highlights the importance of the person who tweets in the bio indicating their Twitter account

It is also very important that you use a fresh, close, always positive and at the same time critical language. Use emoticons, and use them well, because with them you will avoid misinterpretations and transmit moods that will reinforce your complicity with your followers.

7 Content Ideas To Attract Followers# 7. Take care of the spelling

Although it seems obvious, it is not always obvious. Amazon has shown that by correcting the grammar and spelling of several million, “the action redounded to a substantial increase in demand”, explains Enrique Dans in this post . And if it is so important in the comments of third parties, how much will not be in your own?

Think that you are in a world of words, and if in other environments the image matters, in this the image of your company is reflected in the style and the correction of what you publish.

While there are many automatic correctors that will do the work for you, those correctors will not help you many times. The best thing is that whoever is responsible for publishing content in your company is skilled with writing; Or ask someone to review your texts. On Twitter they are very active and answer questions from users right away.

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