Dropbox Paper What Will Help Us?

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Dropbox Paper What Will Help Us

Face-to-face meetings are a perfect time for teams to brainstorm, build consensus, and make decisions that advance projects. But keeping everyone on the same page can be difficult. Dropbox Paper will try to be a solution.

Dropbox created a solution called Dropbox Paper , a simple and powerful way for teams to work together. The company says that with Paper, teams have a central place to create and find the information they need, including meeting notes.

Dropbox Paper What Will Help UsThe tool, the company points out, is useful for setting up successful meetings. Preparing before the meeting is the best way to ensure productive discussion. And Paper is a simple way to make sure everyone is on the same page even before they are in the same room.

Dropbox Paper What Will Help UsThe tool is configured with certain automatic commands that help users quickly coordinate their meetings. For example, when creating a meeting document with the key details at the top: calendar, meeting date, attendee names by typing “/ date” or “/ datetime” (followed by a space). The paper automatically fills in the current date and time.

Dropbox Paper What Will Help UsAnother possibility is to include existing documents with relevant background information, simply by adding links. Thanks to Paper it is possible to share the document before the meeting to provide the context for the discussion. The tool is connected to Google Calendar, so one click will be sufficient to create a template that is automatically filled with the previously scheduled theme, date, wizards and agenda in Calendar.

Dropbox Paper What Will Help UsPaper’s mobile application for iOS and Android makes it easy to capture fast blackboard and postits images. Clicking on the camera icon that appears in the document in the application will automatically place the photo in the meeting notes. Papers also allows assigning tasks by mentioning the Dropbox user to whom each of the activities corresponds.

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