How To Determine Anchor Text For Backlinks

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Searchers used to give great importance and top positions in search results, those terms sought and coincided exactly with the anchor text of their external links or backlinks. However, this fact was causing an abusive and excessive use in creating backlinks, this has caused Google changes its algorithm and decrease the degree of importance of these backlinks on positions.

Now one is intended more natural diversification of anchor text that contributes to a more natural structure of backlinks.

But how do we create different anchor text?

How many anchor text should we create and in what percentages?

The idea would be to build between 50% and 60% the links of our keywords, trying as far as possible, that the same keyword does not exceed 20% of the anchor text, that is, if our business is a law firm In Madrid, we could define the following anchor text; “Lawyer in Madrid“, “law firm“, “dismissal” and “severance pay“. In this example.

I will allocate 20% to my first 2 anchor text, since they are the priority, and 10% to the next since they are secondary in the business.

Image Source: Google Image

Image Source: Google Image

The rest of anchor text should be distributed as follows:

  • Links without anchor text, just our web address.
  • Links of the type more information or click here.
  • Links from an image.
  • Other variants of anchor text with a lower percentage of 1% to 5%.


    Image Source: Google Image

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How do we know if our anchor text is adequate?

The number of words that make up an anchor text should be easy to read and use relevant terms, do not write as if it.

were a machine, do not forget that we write for people.

We must use keywords specific to our business or location.

Consistent keywords (title, description, URL, tags h1, h2, .., h6 and attribute “alt”).

Mix words “short tail” and “long tail“. Returning to the previous example, we could use the anchor text “law office in Madrid” and “lawyers in Madrid”, we must use both the short and long version.

Additional recommendations for internal links:

A navigation bar should be avoided at the foot of the page that covers the entire width of our site, the clouds of tags and the links of entries that contain exact anchor text.

Google does not allow the sale of links to improve backlinks. In case you do this practice and find out, it may be blacklisted by Google as well as other search engines.


Image Source: Google Image

I recommend that you use the following three tools to see which words link to your website; the first is known by all  Google Webmaster Tools, the second is Majestic SEO, and finally the third, the latest Ahrefs.

Control your anchor text and you will not find surprises …

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