Nikon D5100: Great Reflex Camera For Photography Enthusiasts

Nikon D5100 Great reflex camera for photography enthusiasts

The world of digital SLR (DSLR) continues to evolve, so that increasingly have more advanced features and allow, as in this case, even the fans and all those who are new to do photography to take pictures and Record great videos.The new Nikon D5100 is intended for all of them.

Nikon, one of the largest companies and most innovative in the world of DSLR, now brings us the younger sister of his powerful and most advanced D7000 camera that inherits some of its features as its spectacular CMOS sensor 16.2 megapixels that allows to take some photos of great quality and sharpness. This sensor and its folding 3 – inch screen is its most outstanding features of the D5100. Its screen allows you to rotate it in almost any position and will allow us to take photos and record video in almost any position.Nikon D5100 Great reflex camera for photography enthusiasts

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Note that this reflex is not only going to be able to make good pictures but also record video in MOV format, at a resolution of up to 1080p at 30.25 or 24 fps, so that not only we will have a Digital SLR camera ideal for amateurs and beginners, but a more than competent video camera.Nikon D5100 Great reflex camera for photography enthusiasts

Other interesting of this model, technical details is the presence of a processor  expended to inside, your system approach 11 points or sensitivity ISO 100-6400 which allows up to 25600 in forced mode, possibility of bursts of four photos one second or shutter speed of 4 fps. In addition, has a large number of filters you can apply to your photos and videos (color correction, image stabilization …).Nikon D5100 Great reflex camera for photography enthusiasts

The camera will be available in late April (still unconfirmed day) and a very attractive price for great features offered, 750$ or 850$ if we want the 15-55mm lens. It is therefore a model of great quality for those photographers who want photos of better quality than those given by digital cameras, but without excessive complications or need much knowledge. And with the appeal that the quality guarantee that always offers Nikon in all its cameras.

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