Stem cell therapy shows ‘remarkable’ clinical trial results

Scientists have discovered a potential way to reverse the ageing process and combat frailty. Stem therapy has shown promising results in recent trials that focused on helping elderly people to improve their physical condition. Two human clinical trials were conducted to look at the safety and efficacy on age-related frailty, with the results paving the way for further investigation.

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The condition of frailty

Frailty, which affects a large number of old people, includes weakness, muscle loss, weight loss, decreased energy, and increased likelihood of injury. Frailty affects around 10 per cent of the 50 million elderly people in the United States.

These clinical trials could be groundbreaking in the search for effective treatments; however, they are early stage clinical trials and it will take time to see whether the therapy is really effective in the long term. The next stage will be phase III clinical trials, which are the final trials before a new drug or therapy can be passed through the FDA and become available for wider use.

Stem cell treatment

The ability for cells to regenerate diminishes with age, making older people the ideal candidates to test the new stem cell therapy. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) from young donors were injected into the elderly trial participants during the paid research studies; six months later, all showed signs of physical improvements and no adverse effects.

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Some diseases that stem cell therapy could help with include multiple sclerosis; however, much work still needs to be done to test their safety and efficacy. Clinics need participants to help with research, with candidates getting involved through clinical trials at Trials4us or another trials specialist.

Rogue clinics warning

Stem cell therapy has also been in the news in relation to some dubious practices of rogue clinics offering online treatments. The treatment then takes place in countries that allow it, despite its lack of current ‘safe’ status.

People are paying a lot of money to rogue clinics in the mistaken belief that the treatments are valid, which is why it is essential for people to be aware of the stage of the clinical trials and only ever become involved with an official trial. Once the stem cell therapy has gone through the third stage of testing, we will know whether it can be certified as safe and effective as a treatment.

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