The Weddings Of The Weekend

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The Weddings Of The Weekend

Not everything was going to be models of guests for weddings, brides also have a space, and wedding dresses are fashionable!!

The Weddings Of The WeekendLast week I read that this weekend was going to be the weekend with more weddings of the year, and it may be true, I have stumbled on some in Madrid, on twitter with another, as in the case of Raquel Sánchez  Silva, and Mercedes Bohórquez Domecq and Tamara Gorro on the net.

The Weddings Of The WeekendPresenter Raquel Sánchez Silva married her boyfriend, the camera Mario Biondo, in Taormina, Sicily, and all the photos we have seen have been because she has published them through her Twitter. The dress was made by her friend, the Ion Fiz , I think I would not wear it, but I love how everything is left to her, maybe because I like her, but, I really see her very favored, what do you think ?

The Weddings Of The WeekendThis weekend also married Mercedes Bohórquez Domecq with Bruno Oliver Bultó in Jerez de la Frontera, the dress was designed by Roberto Diz, who seems to be the designer of the wedding dresses of the Andalusian jet. The dress looks wonderful to me, and I think the golden stars are very risky but they look great, and I find it very original. What do you think?

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