Top 3 Nootropics to Increase the Intelligence Quotient

In the past, most people believed the intelligence quotient or IQ is hereditary. The belief that geniuses are only born, not made, had sparked interest among neuroscientists. They relentlessly conducted lab experiments and tried mixing vitamins and minerals to come up with a possible answer to counter the belief most people accepted. As Nootropics were invented, neuroscientists proved that the brain could be improved by external factors. You may also like to visit

top-3-nootropics-to-increase-the-intelligence-quotientNootropics are commonly called as smart drugs or mental enhancers because they enhance the various functions of the brain, and keep the central nervous system running smoothly. Nootropics are made from two compounds: the organic compounds and synthetic ones. However, most Nootropics are developed from a plant source which shows signs of brain stimulating effects, such as the Gingko Biloba. Nootropics have neurotransmitter inhibitors that trigger more production of brain chemicals to assist the cognitive functions like learning, thinking and memory.

For many years, scientists fed Nootropics to patients and measured their IQ for the experiment. Positive results were found; thus, most of the medical community could recommend Nootropics without worrying about the risks of such unregulated, dietary supplements in the hands of children or adults. The top 5 Nootropics that positively affects intelligence are the following.


Aside from muscular power, Creatine also provides neurological benefits such as increasing the attention span and enhancing the memory and intelligence. It is a popular supplement nowadays because it is involved in the brain energy homeostasis, which is needed for proper mental functioning.

Piracetam + Choline

Among the many Nootropic stacks, Piracetam and choline are a popular combination. Piracetam is used as an acetylcholine inhibitor, which improves the production of the neurotransmitter, Acetylcholine, in the brain. When taken with choline, users can enjoy an overall improvement in brain functioning and an increase in spatial memory and mental clarity.

Caffeine + L-Theanine

Caffeine is a popular Nootropic but taken along could not be beneficial for users. It has stimulating effects that improve cognitive functions and mood. The best pair for caffeine is L-theanine. By merging the two, users can expect enhancements in working memory, better attention switching and rapid processing of visual information. L-theanine also counters the negative effects of caffeine, such as increased blood pressure and anxiety.

Apart from boosting the intelligence, Nootropics are also known for its neuro-protectant properties. They shield neurons from toxins such as stress hormones to prolong their life. They also increase neuron production, so dead brain cells would be replaced immediately, without complications or lapses.

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