Treatment For Muscle Contractures

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Treatment For Muscle Contractures

The muscle contraction occurs when a muscle has been subjected to a too sudden movement or various repetitive movements; to end the pain; we must implement a treatment and take preventive measures to avoid the recurrence of muscle contractures.

Treatment For Muscle Contractures

Whenever you make exercise, you must prepare the muscles for that purpose, flexibility exercises are key to maintaining muscle elasticity.

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The contraction of a muscle directly activates the nerves, causing pain. The muscle contracture can compress an artery and decrease blood flow in the area. All this creates a vicious circle because muscle with less blood circulation tends to contractures more easily and if, in addition, reduces the normal blood volume, and also activates pain nerves.

If this situation is perpetuated over an extended period of time or is repeated frequently, the muscle contracts more and more easily. In this situation, the exercise is required to avoid this trend.

Treatment For Muscle Contractures

If you suffer from one muscular contracture, you can consider the following steps to ease the pain:

-take Muscle relaxants and anti – inflammatories, which are used for the treatment of severe pain. It allows muscles to relax and, therefore, reduce muscle contraction. Medications should always be prescribed by the doctor.

-Application Local heat, as it produces a calming and analgesic effect and is useful to relieve pain caused by muscle spasm.

Treatment For Muscle Contractures

-Manage Massage, as it causes increased blood flow, tissue recovery, and muscle relaxation, and should be administered by qualified personnel since they will be the ones to decide what type of massage is best for each case. It’s important physical exercise, specifically stretching the muscle and is also useful to prevent muscle contractures, perform appropriate exercises to offset this trend and avoid a repetition of the crisis.


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